Animated GIFs and PhotoShop Filters (Fall 1998)

How does the gifmerge program on chaos work? What does it do? This exercise has 5 questions. Please work with your neighbors in the November 30th lab and discover and discuss the answers together.

  1. Click here to see the ocean ripple filter effect on the zebra skin.
  2. How many frames does the ocean ripple animation have? Make a guess.
  3. The first ____ frames of the animation used an ocean ripple filter.
  4. What filter was used for the last _____ frames?
  5. The files were named mystery01.gif, mystery02.gif, mystery03.gif, ...
    What was the command that was used to create the animated gif file that is displayed?
  6. This link should help you answer these questions! Slow motion replay.
  7. This links to some more animation examples, including a Joan Osborne album cover honoring the 1996 Olympics.

New material from Tuesday, November 28th, 2000 class.

  1. The gifmerge command gifmerge -h output as well as the command history summary from the 11/28 class.

  2. The animation created in class using Excel, WordArt, VBA and macros, PhotoShop 5.5 and then chaos gifmerge program.

  3. The 2 seconds per frame, SLOWED down animation created by using the -200 extra gifmerge option, to have a delay of 2 seconds instead of 0.5 seconds default.