Macromedia Flash creations and examples

  1. Eight Circles in a circle. Created on Tuesday 11/28/2006

  2. UNI Panthers celebrating a successful attack or block. 11/28

  3. Eight Circles forming and shrinking and growing square animation. 11/28

  4. Bouncing Ball animation, created on March 21st, 2007.

    Here is the handout showing the Flash workspace (see the 5 layers and 4 library objects (actually, Symbols). We did Insert menu, Convert to Symbol command to create the 4 different classes of objects in the Library.

  5. Here is the published Gravity.fla 9 a.m. 021 class example. (3/21/07)

  6. Here is the published Bounce.fla 10 a.m. 023 class example. It has an interesting extra Text animation effect added after class. (3/21/07)

  7. March26th.fla to download if you have Flash and March26th.html to see if you don't have Flash software.

    Version from the 9 a.m. 021 class is at regular speed

    Version from the 10 a.m. Microcomputer Systems class is at half speed, and includes initials at the end (MJ).

  8. Looking at western wind blown clouds on the way to the West Gym last fall. Practice run using Panthers as the mask.

  9. 021 class: 9 a.m. Mask is the word Orchesis to remind you that the UNI Orchesis Dance concert is Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. Choregraphy of dance is perhaps somewhat like planning out a Flash movie or animation. The CENTERing of the word using the Clouds.html file did work. Computer Skills and Concepts.

    More about Orchesis here at UNI. The Orchesis Spring Dance Gala 2007 is at the beautiful Oster-Regent Theatre in downtown Cedar Falls.

  10. 023 class: 10 a.m. Roller Blading is the phrase that is masking the animated clouds. Microcomputer Systems.

  11. 9 a.m. 021 class: Moon orbits around the Earth. Good Friday.

  12. 9 a.m. 021 class: Ball Flattens as it hits the ground. Good Friday.

  13. 10 a.m. 023 class: Ball Flattens as it reaches the floor. Good Friday.

  14. 10 a.m. 023 class: Smaller planet orbits elliptically around larger planet. Good Friday.