1. New example will ComboBox used that shows how user can do multiple choice to guess the movie. Tuesday evening, December 6th.

  2. Click HERE to see all THREE FORMS. I forgot to do a screen snapshot to show the ENCRYPTED movie name HINT.

  3. See Visual Basic CODE for Encryption and the AutoBookmarking checkbox.

  4. Right click to download movies97.mdb to your hard drive.

    Be sure to create a folder named Movies to save it to.
    Entire expected PATH for Visual Basic MoviesGuessingGame.exe would be: C:\Movies\movies97.mdb

  5. Here is the EXEcutable version of the movies guessing game, named MoviesGuessingGame.exe. It should RUN okay in any version of Windows, provided you have a copy of movies97.mdb stored on your C: drive in a folder named Movies. The entire path would be C:\Movies\movies97.mdb and that path is built into the Data controls of MovieGuessingGame.exe.

    1. I tested it out, and was successful at choosing OPEN instead of SAVE (Internet Explorer commands) when clicking on the Here is the EXEcutable version of the movies guessing game, named MoviesGuessingGame.exe HYPTERTEXT LINK. That will work as long as you FIRST downloaded the movies97.mdb database to a folder named Movies on your C: drive.

      You could also just make a copy in that folder from your own computer, as many of you already have previously gotten a copy of movies97.mdb and have begun trying things and starting the assignment with it.

    2. You will need to save the Movies97.mdb database in a folder named Movies on your hard drive, for the .exe executable version of Visual Basic 6.0 to work.

    3. The path for all three of the Data controls is built into the .exe executable code. Obviously, I cannot give you the Visual Basic code, without cancelling the assignment.

    4. You probably can download the entire folder, depending on your browser, or just download the .exe file and the .mdb file, after creating the folder Movies on the C: drive of your computer to contain the .exe and .mdb files.

    5. movies97.mdb is an Access database.

  6. MoviesGuessingGame.exe can be run by just double clicking on it, after you have downloaded it to your computer. Optionally, you can double click on the link, and it will give you the choice of EXEcuting it, so you really only have to download the movies97.mdb database to your Movies folder on the C: drive of your computer.