SAS (UNI Statistical Consulting Lab UNI-SCL)
Wright 309 -


  1. Thursday, October 23, 2014: SASIntro.SAS for the 3771/5771 class.

  2. SAS example from 121 class.

  3. TEXT example from 121 class.

  4. PROC REG example, with 15 countries and two variables: Life Expectancy of Females and Birthrate for each country.

  5. Reading in external data from an Excel or any spreadsheet (CSV = comma separated values) file:

  6. Here is the Excel file with 15 countries and the larger Excel file with lots more countries.

  7. Proc Univariate example that uses US Census data and an alternative to CARDS; statement.

  8. Reading raw text data from a .txt or .dat external file using a FILENAME statement instead of CARDS.

  9. Sample raw data file for copy and paste exercise.

  10. Creating the Fitness SAS dataset used in the University of Texas SAS 8 Tutorial.

  11. University of Texas SAS Windows Tutorial is a good introduction to SAS for beginners. If you are using any version of Windows SAS later than version 8, it is great too.

  12. Where can you use SAS at UNI? In the SABIN HALL 227 lab and in Wright Hall 110 lab. It is also available in most of the UNI SCC labs.

  13. Topics in SAS Programming can help answer lots of questions.

  14. General Social Survey data in Excel format.

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