Software Testing Certificate

The UNI Computer Science Department is offering a new, 15-credit certificate in Software Testing starting this fall. The certificate gives students enough computer science to become software testers in their major area. Some programs such as Mathematics, Math Education, Biology, Management Information Systems already require students to take Visual Basic, which is one of the five courses.  Consider this certificate and how it could enhance your resume and career.


Two courses in this certificate will be offered Fall 07:

810:059 Office Application Skills for Software Testing               11 MWF

                        (Includes creating and using databases)

810:030 Visual Basic Programming                                                        2 MWF


Contact Dr. Janet Drake for more information. or or 273-5811.


Your Major + Software Testing Certificate = Great Job Opportunities


Software development is the largest growing employment area. Half of the software development effort is testing to ensure the software operates correctly and is easy to use. In order to test software you must understand the purpose of the software.


Consider working in your major area as a software tester.  For instance, a mathematician can test actuarial software, a physics major can test radio software, and a biologist can test medical software.


The 15 credit Software Testing Certificate gives you enough computer development and testing skills to understand the technical aspect of software testing.


810:030 Visual Basic: Gives understanding of the basic logic involved in programming. VB is commonly used to develop testing platforms. No prerequisite.


810:024 Applications Skills for Software Testing: Software testing creates lots of documentation.  The course covers how testers use word processors, spreadsheets, and databases. No prerequisite. (Offered Fall 07 as 810:059)


810:071 Software Requirements Analysis: Testing is done with respect to written requirements. Testers are also involved in writing the requirements. The course covers creation and understanding of requirements. 810:030 is the prerequisite.


810:080 Discrete Structures: The course covers the logic necessary for software testing.   This course is offered every semester.  No prerequisite.


810:175: Software Testing: The course covers testing techniques used to ensure the quality of software. 810:030 and 810:071 are prerequisites.


Companies supporting this new program include:



Consider registering for 810:059 Office Applications Skills for Software Testing this fall.  It is the recommended first class in the certificate since 810:030 Visual Basic is offered every semester.  It will prove to be a very useful class whether you go on and take the rest of the certification classes or not.