Final Project and Storyboard assignment - ALSO publishing your previous Maya Curtains assignment and links to all of those student assignments.

Maya ASSIGNMENT - Swaying Curtains assignment. Note: This assignment has 3 different parts.

VIP: Custom Attributes - Locators - Friday, July 17th class review - Custom Attributes, Skeletons and Joints, SDK animation.

Animating Text sample files are here. Trish Meyer.

Photoshop file of Motorcycle for the classic cartoon sudden stop.

After Effects Animating Text files. Please do NOT download the QuickTime Movie Aqua 3D Text_comp file. You ONLY will need two .psd files and one .aep file!

VIP: After Effects assignment one reading, watching and writing activity.
Due on Wednesday, 06/15/2009 at start of Lang 213 class.

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11-12 Daily June 8th thru July 31st  

Visual Effects, Animation, and Motion Graphics
This class has no prerequisites. We will meet from 11:00 a.m. until noon.
We will meet in StudioIT 3 (ITT 138) for 15 classes and in Lang 213 for 24 classes. See the schedule of classes.

Topics in Computing: Visual Effects, Animation, and Motion Graphics

Profile of the class:
     3 Art: Studio Emphasis majors
     2 Communications: Electronic Media majors
     2 Computer Science majors
     1 Management Information Systems major
     1 Music Education major


This class does NOT require any previous graphics or programming experience.

March/April web page created for this summer class.

Fall 2009 classes (Maya and Fireworks/Flash/Dreamweaver/Excel) and information on computer applications certification courses and requirements.

Two textbooks:
Please click either of the book image to link to a page with more information on the textbooks..


July 9th: Text and AE.