SDK = Set Driven Key
The driver is NOT time. The driver of the animation is another object.

  1. Links to more information about the Set Driven Key animation. SDK is an acronym for Set Driven Key.
  2. We animated a door that raised up (TranslateY for the door was DRIVEN by the TranslateZ of the ball). The Timeline, regular animation drove the ball to move from (0, 1, 10) front stage (frame 1) to (0, 1, -10) at the back of the stage (frame 100) and then back to (0, 1, 10) front stage (frame 200). The ball thus moved from front stage to backstage and back again. The entire animation was only 200 frames long. At 24 FPS speed, it took about 8 seconds for the animation, which was quite SLOW.
  3. Next we duplicated the Polygonal Cube door and named it swingingDoor and duplicated the Polygonal Sphere named ball and left it named ball1 or renamed it to be ball2.
  4. We moved swingingDoor and ball2 over to about 8 for TranslateX so the swingingDoor was (8, m, n) and the ball2 was (8, 1, 10). We then adjusted the pivot point of the swingingDoor to be at the very top of the swingingDoor object.
  5. Finally, we did SDK (Set Driven Key) with ball2 and swingingDoor. The driver was ball2 TranslateZ attribute and the driven was swingingDoor RotateX attribute. We had the swingingDoor swing upward to let the ball2 object go through it like it was a dog going through a pet door. This was MUCH MORE INVOLVED than the door that raised upward to let the approaching ball go through the doorway!