June 8th thru July 31st review pages
Visual Effects, Animation, and Motion Graphics

  1. Ready: Class #1 review.             -- WEEK ONE --

  2. Ready: Class #2 review.

  3. Ready: Temple tutorial begun - Class #3 review.

  4. Video of Flash and Maya session: Thursday, Class #4 requires INTERNET EXPLORER web browser and does NOT work with Mozilla Firefox. Works best if you click on Zoom Slide so you can see the details of the Flash or the Maya computer window more clearly.

  5. Class #5 review. The video capture in StudioIT 3 did NOT work on that Friday. Look at class #6 and class #7 for review of what we did (Curtains and Sun, Earth, Moon and H O C)

  6. JUNE 17th - 7 p.m. NEWLY UPDATED: Class #6 review.            -- WEEK TWO --

    Class #6 Video Capture using Accordent. Every aspect of Maya needed to do the Sun, Earth, Moon rotating and orbiting CUBES (NOT Spheres!) assignment is covered in this Monday, June 15th class.

  7. Making a Curtain and Duplicating it: Class #7 used outliner window, hypergraph hierarchy window, edit menu > parent, edit menu > group, edit menu > duplicate, hulls and control vertices selection to put folds in the curtain, NURBS planes, etc. Unfortunately, the video capture did NOT work. I made a web page to cover most of what we did on Tuesday, July 16th. Please watch the suggested 3DBuzz videos to review everything related to today's class.

  8. Wineglass model: Class #8 review of Steven Murdoch video. Modeling with Polygons and converting a Polygonal Cylinder into a wine glass. Smooth.

  9. Class #9 Video Capture worked okay, so you can watch the lecture/presentation here.

    We did the following tutorial to create a simple LAMP consisting of 6 different parts: Hemisphere (half of a Sphere) for the base of the lamp; Polygonal Cylinders, 3 of them, for the arms of the lamp; Cone for the lamp shade part of the lamp; and a Spotlight for the actual shining light source for the lamp. Michael O'Rourke tutorial: More on Hierarchies and modeling a lamp.

      User ID:  mayatuts
     Password:  morourke
      We also experimented with the EXTRUDE tool, which you can see in the 
    video at the beginning part of the class.
      More information on EXTRUDE will be provided in the future, if relevant 
    for your next Maya assignment.

  10. Class #10 video capture. Modeling a LAMP in Maya.

    Michael O'Rourke tutorial: More on Hierarchies and modeling a lamp.

      User ID:  mayatuts
     Password:  morourke

  11. Class #11 Flash video and ClipNabber application - Captioning videos.       -- WEEK THREE --

    Accordent video capture of class #11 with intro to Flash video (CS 4 Flash) and Flash video captioning with an XML file.

  12. FLVPlayback, FLVPlaybackCaptioning, Clipnabber: Accordent video Class #12 review.

  13. Class #13 review.

  14. Class #14 video - SDK = Set Driven Key animation using Maya.

    SDK: Link to the tutorial and summary of Thursday June 25th class. Link to more information on SDK and snapshots of the SDK dialogue box.

  15. Class #15 video - Sculpting tool, Revolving a Curve to make a surface and Dynamics with Active and Passive Rigid Bodies and Gravity and Wind using Maya. It appears the SOUND did NOT get captured on today's video. It may be still useful to look at some of the slides, so I will leave the LINK to class #15 video here.

    Introduction: Gravity, Collisions Michael O'Rourke tutorial. We did this in class - Active Rigid Bodies (Polygon Spheres), Passive Rigid Bodies (Polygon Planes for the floor and the ramp), a Gravity field and a Wind (Air) field.

       User id:  mayatuts
      Password:  morourke
    Class #15 review is READY now.

                -- WEEK FOUR --

  16. Class #16 video. Flash animation - Symbols - Movie Clip and Button type symbols. Introduction to ActionScript 3.0 with addEventListener.
    go_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, startAnimation);
    function startAnimation(evt:MouseEvent) 

    Class #16 review.

  17. Accordent video capture: Class #17 video. Tuesday, June 30th. Flash animation, buttons, and ActionScript code. StudioIT 3.

  18. Maya to After Effects to Flash: Class #18 review. July 1st. Lang 213. Study this page carefully. The After Effects and Flash portion is not yet ready, but you already have good experience with the Flash skills - i.e. the FLVPlayback control and making a Flash application that allows you to play flash video.

  19. Class #19 review. July 2nd. Lang 213.

  20. Friday, July 3rd is University Holiday at UNI in celebration of July 4th.

    Class is now half over. All the July classes will be in Lang 213 and will focus on After Effects, but using it to advantage with Flash and Maya.