Assignment One Questions

Your answers and diagrams can be done in pen or pencil.
Do NOT turn in a rough draft. Please rewrite it neatly.
Due: Friday, June 12, 2009 at 11 a.m.

Return to the week one, class two Maya resources and tasks (video tutorial links and Michael O'Rourke tutorial links).

  1. What are the 6 QWERTY tools? Create a 4 column table with the following column labels. You will find all of these answers in the Wiley Introduction to Maya PDF book exerpt. Unless otherwise indicated, all of the following questions will be based on information you can find in the Wiley Introduction to Maya book exerpt.
  2.                                                                           Hand drawn picture or
    Shortcut Key   One or two word name of tool      Brief description        diagram of first 4 tools QWER
    ------------   ----------------------------      -----------------        ------------------------------
  3. What are the names of the first (topmost) three layouts in the Layouts Tool Box?
  4. Where is the Help Line located at in the Maya Interface? Do you plan on glancing at it quite often as you use Maya? Now you know whether to look down or up or left or right or to the NE, SE, NW or SW portion of the Maya window.
  5. How do you get a floating menu? A FLOATING MENU is one that is torn off so that the menu's commands float and remain visible and immediately available for quick reuse.
  6. What are the main 3 categories that the Channel Box data shows about the selected object? (The most common attributes).
  7. Where is the Status Line found in the Maya User Interface?
  8. What are the three Selection Modes? Where are they found on the Status Line? Where are the related Selection Masks found? Think H O C and the first three letters of the word HOCkey are HOC, right.
  9. Viewports. What are the two types of VIEWS in Maya? You will be seeing your objects and characters always in either the first type of view or the second type of view.
  10. Navigation within a viewport. Name each of the 3 types of navigation within a viewport? Please draw a picture of a 3 button mouse to indicate how you can quickly do each one of the 3 types of navigation.
  11. Navigation to see your objects (all of the dinosaurs and trees and landscape) or one object (the Triceratops) or a selected portion of an object (the TRex's two front teeth, for example). What does F do as a shortcut to help in Navigation? What does A do as another useful shortcut for navigating the scene you are working on?
  12. See page 13 of the Wiley Introduction to Maya book excerpt where it talks about PIVOTS. What key on the keyboard is used to enable you to set the placement of the pivot to a new location?
  13. Go back and look at question number two about the QWERTY tools and focus on just the WER tools. Go back and look at question number five. How do question number two and question number five relate to each other? If you answered question #5 correctly, you should be able to make the connection of the WER in QWERTY tools to the Channel Box!