Tuesday, June 16th, 2009 - class #7
Maya makes a set of curtains for the stage

  1. Watch the 3DBuzz video The Pivot Point. It lasts for only 3 minutes and 49 seconds (03:49). We adjust the pivot point in creating the curtain, but on your Sun, Earth, Moon assignment you also work with Pivot Points in creating the moonOrbit group and in creating the earthOrbit group.
  2. Watch the Creating a Curtain video. It is 10:22 (10 minutes and 22 seconds). We tried creating a curtain during week #1 on Friday, but had quite a few problems in the lab doing it successfully. Today we succeeded.
  3. Watch the Duplicating Curtains 3D Buzz video. It lasts 06:55 minutes. I find that pausing the video to take notes and replaying certain portions really helps in learning Maya.
  4. Today we used both the Outliner window (07:27) and the Hypergraph window (09:53). You have seen and used the Outliner window during most of the StudioIT 3 lab classes, but it was the first time we have looked at and used the Hypergraph hierarchy window. Watch these two videos as soon as possible and learn more about those two very useful Maya tools.
  5. Basics of Selection 3D Buzz video. It lasts 09:56 minutes. There are 3 types of selection in Maya - H O C for Hierarchy mode, Object mode, and Component mode selection. Watch this video to get selection concepts and skills down. We selected by H and by O and by C today. We selected Hulls after selecting CVs (control vertices) by changing the selection mask for the NURBS plane so we could give it folds like a real cloth curtain might have.

Please watch these free sample videos from www.3dbuzz.com to review class #7. This is your Maya "reading" assignment.
The video capture of the StudioIT 3 Tuesday class did NOT work today.