Tuesday, July 22nd, 2009 - VE, A, and MG - Maya to AE to FLV to SWF

  1. The above example was done during hands-on class using Maya, then rendered to FLV from TARGA by After Effects, then hosted in Flash using the FLVPLayback component and published from Flash as a SWF file and an HTML file to host the SWF application. We ran out of time right when EVERYTHING was ready to be uploaded to your web site - sunny.uni.edu account.
  2. From Maya to After Effects to Flash: Step by step instructions for rendering Autodesk Maya to Targa frames for import as Adobe After Effects (AE) footage to create an AE composition that will be converted to FLV FLash Video using the AE Render Queue so it can be converted to a Flash video application SWF file containing an FLVPlayback control that plays the original Maya animation.
  3. Notice the FlyingBall.flv Flash Video is a compression of the 100 Targa frames at a ratio of 1000 to 1.
  4. This was such a very simple Maya movie. If you look at the the times, the entire rendering process took Autodesk Maya less than one minute - 11:37:07 was when Tuesday.1.tga was created and 11:37:56 was when the 100th frame was rendered into TARGA by Maya. It will NOT be that fast when you have a more sophisticated collection of POLYGONS and NURBS animated to interact and include some lighting and camera changes and some special effects such as fire or rain or fireworks.