gifmerge program

  1. Another page with examples and information on GIFMERGE program and animation. And one more with only two examples.

  2. Two of the best student created animations from spring 2003.

  3. Here is the PhotoShop exported GIF file that created a shadow effect. I used several different layers and colors, with a Gaussian Blur and a further offset so each shadow is further from the original top image. Doing a Gradient on the top level is a nice touch to add as well.

    Animated GIF file, consisting of 14 frames, created on April 6th. Zebra skin, with a Twirl filter, after a Difference Clouds filter for color effect.

    Here is a supplement to the web page PhotoShop mybutton.gif assignment. The PhotoShop screen snapshots and additional tips may be helpful in creating the command button with your name on it.

    Three buttons created as class demos of PhotoShop on Friday, March 26th.

  4. Here is the modified version of the Building Clip Art object named Gate1.wmf, which is available in Word or PowerPoint from the Insert menu, Picture, ClipArt command.

    Very simple animated gif file, using 8 XPaint frames.

    This animation and GIFS button is a link to a page about creating animated gif files.

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