Spring 2003 Computer Skills and Concepts

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Quiz One and Two Results are posted here. Quiz 3 (Friday's quiz) will be added in soon, probably sometime on Wednesday evening.

Friday, May 2nd quiz guide, as discussed in class, with elaborations.

Fun Links web page created in September 2002, but with Jewel new album link added May 2nd, 2003 courtesy of www.google.com search engine and May 2nd Today Show appearance.

  1. POWERPOINT: PowerPoint presentation HOW TO, WHEN DUE, and WHAT is required. Be sure to go full screen with it by clicking the button in the lower right part of the Internet Explorer window.

  2. PowerPoint presentation with design template added to it, using the Format menu of PowerPoint to add some color and style. Note: The presentation itself teaches everything needed for doing the assignment, so read it over carefully and review it as needed. The chmod 711 is needed for the folder that PowerPoint creates in your web folder for all of the slides and graphics that were part of your original PowerPoint file.

  3. As a PRELAB assignment: Look these PowerPoint presentation over before lab on Friday, April 9th. We played with this PowerPoint program that day and another Friday during hands-on classes.

TV Shows Excel Charts exercise.

Guessing game for Excel exercise.

Animated GIFs using gifmerge command on cowboy. Basis of group exercise on April 21st.

Animating GIFs and other photoshop techniques, such as the Filter menu, Other, Offset command used to make Text look 3 dimensional, for Shadow or Color effects.

GIFMERGE Assignment: Make an animated GIF consisting of at at least 8 different images and display it from one of your web pages. Due before finals week starts. Make a 2nd animation that runs at a different speed and only runs through twice, instead of running forever. The content can be whatever you want. You CANNOT use the one you made of U N I Panthers that we did in the hands-on class, however!

See the animation for questions 7-14 for how much control a scripting language can give the user over the animation. Animation by itself is here, and you can view the source.
Two documents to read over related to Ghostbusters and computer programming, problem solving and troubleshooting are: Ghostbusters outline, including VET SAT AUC, TVV SO YMDC and a document about waggle dancing bees having a dancing debate about what the best solution to their overpopulated colony is or where their best next main food source is.

Word processing/desktop publishing practice. Timed exercise. Note: The Tools menu, Macros command group, Security command has a dialog box with three choices. Choose Medium Security, if you click the document Command button to Start and you see 8 handles on the button. That would mean that Macros are NOT enabled. Close the document, if this happens. Change the Security setting to Medium instead of High. Open the document again, and answer Yes to enabling macros. The buttons will now work the way they are intended and allow you to track the time it taskes to do the exercise. This assignment is due by Wednesday, April 30th (extended 1 week from being due on 4/23). Send me the two times it took you to do the task1.doc document formatting. The 2nd time will hopefully be faster than the first! Turn in a printout of only ONE of the completed documents.

Animation of images example using JavaScript.

Chapter 12: Web Programming Material online quiz is due by Friday, April 11th.
Chapter 14: Privacy and Security Topics online quiz is due by Friday, April 18th.

Frames and arrows web page.

Here are instructions for making your PhotoShop wallpaper graphic.

Access Northwind database example and basic database concepts.

  • Download the movies database, Access 97 version.

  • Download the movies database, Access 2000 version. Try this one first.

    Chapter 9 quiz: Advanced HTML is due by email on or before Monday, March 31st. See link below here.

    Chapter 8 quiz: Graphics review, pixels, phosphors, pixel color depth, binary, etc. Chapter 8 online quiz on Web Graphics is due on or before Wednesday, March 12th.
    Chapter 7 online quiz due by Monday, February 24th (by email from the online textbook center - see link below here).
    Quiz two on Wednesday, February 26th.

    Page 133 of textbook talks about Cookies. This cookie will remember the name and gender that you tell it. It uses JavaScript.

    Friday afternoon (02/07/2003) email note: Excel functions review and note about the assignments (online chapter 3 quiz), Excel spreadsheet, etc.
    On-line textbook learning center for our 021 textbook.

    Sending the results for quiz on chapter THREE: See the submit results page here. Do this by Wednesday, February 12th. It will help you for QUIZ ONE.

    QUIZ ONE reminder: Quiz One rescheduled to be one week later than syllabus stated. February 12th we will have quiz one. (Wednesday, 02/12, Quiz one).
    Web page assignment - assigned (and handed out) January 27th. Due on February 28th.
    Friday, January 24th email note: Read chapters 3 and 7 of textbook for week #3 preparation.
    PhotoShop: How to make your own custom background (such as one with Gradients) or command button. (Not ready yet).
    Read chapter two of the textbook: Friday, January 17th and Friday, January 24th lab classes.

    PRELAB ASSIGNMENT - HANDOUT format and one error (22222 instead of correct 222222) has been improved and corrected.

    PRELAB ASSIGNMENT #2 - see resources (links) below here too

    VIP: Answer the PRELAB questions before lab on Friday, January 17th. Your answers can be hand-written. Your answers do not have to all be correct. The important thing is to JUST DO IT ahead of time and then get more out of the INLAB hands-on class that day. (Note: The 14 questions refer you to Appendix B, Appendix D and chapter two of your textbook).

    You can see the pico editor window, with the HTML code for your practice web page in the pico editor window. (See Appendix B of textbook for pico editor).

    1. How to use pico editor on cowboy.cns.uni.edu. The pico name stands for pine composer, which means that pico is the pine email editor or composer for the sending and replying commands.
    2. The UNIX commands that are most commonly used. We have used ls, ls -l, cd web, mkdir web, finger, who, w, logout, etc. Read this page to learn more about the commands.

  • Images and Colors for your web page. RGB Color Chart for the BGCOLOR="FF0000" colors.
    The 810:021 Spring/Summer 1999 Computer Skills and Concepts web page.
    The 810:021 Spring 2001 810:021 page.
    The 810:021 Spring 2002 810:021 page.