Microcomputer Applications and Systems Integration

1-2:50 p.m. Wednesday final exam:
Here is a helpful Final Exam Study Guide

Access 2000 Movies database assignment due date, and guestbook note.

Movies handout and information on parameter queries and combo box and Form with intelligent navigation button and record operations.

More Movies and VBA and Intelligent command buttons lessons, showing both the GUI and the Form_Current() event procedure VBA techniques.

Animated GIF examples page for review of some of today's Tuesday 11/28 class. We will have our last hands-on class on Thursday, November 30th in Wright 112 lab.

  1. Here is the link to student practice questions directory page. The Tuesday, November 21st quiz will include at at least 40 questions based upon these. There are 27 links to practice questions there as of 8:15 a.m. on Friday morning Don't see your name, send me email. I did not receive your URL if you do not see your name.

  2. The first 5 questions are from this DATABASE slide show to study in conjunction with Lessons 1 and 2 of the Access 97 book. The Northwinds database comes with Access and the documentation often uses examples with Northwinds Tables and Forms and Reports.

  3. Read Lessons 1, 2 and 3 of Access 97 VBA textbook and preview/review it with this slide show that highlights some aspects of the chapters. Use these slides to answer questions 6 through 25.

  1. Here is an example of PERL and FORMS for both CheckBox and Radio Buttons , taking from questions 11 and 12 from the formOct9th080.html Discrete Structures quiz.

  2. Try out this simple guest book program. Your entry will be added to the file. PERL not only reads and responds to your information, but PERMANENTLY saves it for future reference and display.

  3. Practice quiz, 17 questions, 810:080 Discrete Structures. You have a portion of the .cgi PERL script that grades this quiz and greets the person with an indication of the time of day they took the quiz, etc. The quiz uses RADIO BUTTONS. Your 22 question quiz does NOT have to be all check boxes and text boxes. If you want to use some additional FORM types, such as radio buttons, feel free to.

  4. Tuesday November 7th email review of lecture, reminder of hands-on class, clarification on $year resulting argument of the locatime(time) function.

  5. Thursday November 2nd email on PERL and FORM assignment that is due on Tuesday, November 14th. You did this earlier as the Pre PERL and FORM assignment, but you can modify and develop improved versions of a question or new questions to replace your earlier ones as you are studying the materials again or the materials since then.

  6. The hands-on class from Thursday, October 26th where we created a gradebook database and imported a comma separated value file, as well as created a custom form that displayed an A, B, C or below C level graphic (.bmp files). We also did a Pig Latin function and created an Access module for the Public PigLatin() function.

  7. Pre PERL and FORM assignment to be turned in next week.

  8. Here is the ClipArt customization and Object-Oriented graphics page.

    • Where and how do I find the A.wmf ClipArt file when it is not in the standard ClipArt folder?
    • How to use it: Use Insert menu, Picture command, From File... subcommand instead of Insert menu, Picture, ClipArt... subcommand.
    • Download it: Take the A.wmf file home with you on a diskette, if needed.

  9. PhotoShop basic skills and techniques for buttons, cropping, etc.

  10. Assignment on Excel or Word VBA due October 10th experiments with variables of the Variant variety.

Here is a six question practice quiz to illustrate FORMS and PERL CGI script techniques. We will talk about this and try to understand it during the three classes after the Labor Day holiday.

  1. Read Lesson 1 of Access 97 VBA textbook and preview/review it with this slide show that highlights some aspects of the chapter.

  2. Another DATABASE slide show to study in conjunction with Lessons 1 and 2 of the Access 97 book. The Northwinds database comes with Access and the documentation often uses examples with Northwinds Tables and Forms and Reports.

  3. Review of the Tuesday, September 19th lecture with RGB, BGCOLOR attribute, PERL and CGI, practice quiz and using the http://student.cns.uni.edu/~yourUserID/cgi-bin/form022.html example file.

  4. PERL and CGI and HTML fundamentals and review of Unix and pico and review materials for the Thursday, Sept 21st lecture and group exercise.

  5. Look at the HTML for the FORM with its textbox and its radio button techniques, in conjunction with reading chapter 3, pages 43-54 of the PERL and CGI book.

  6. You could also use View menu, Source on your web browser to see the HTML code for the FORM, but my annotated with PhotoShop and/or Word 97 Alt+PrintScreen Window snapshots are also useful to study.

  7. Looking at the PERL/CGI script program as well as the HTML and FORM tags that collected the data and executed the script when the user (you, the quiz taker) clicked the SUBMIT button, is a great way to learn more.

Try running the example on different days of the week and times of the day. The PERL CGI script program is filled with different techniques you will eventually be able to understand and use.

My first ever FORM and PERL CGI attempt illustrates checkboxes and textboxes. It is a Discrete Structures 810:080 practice quiz.

To see the PERL Random quote generator in action. You can click Reload or Refresh button after you are there, to see another randomly chosen txt or html file displayed.

Here is the Fall of 1999 class web page, as it existed at the end of the class in December. Obviously, the class changes alot from year to year, but you can get an idea of some of the topics by looking at the old web page.

There will be two textbooks required for 810:022 in the fall semester of 2000.

No background in Access or database is required to take the 810:022 class.
No background in Web page creation is required either.

The Racing Rectangles assignment Excel and VBA code windows was handed out on Thursday, August 24th. It is due on Tuesday, September 12th, along with your Excel toolbar and 6 toggle macros with custom toolbar buttons.

We'll have a hands on class on Tuesday, August 29th in the Wright 112 lab. You will learn how to make a custom toolbar and VBA macros and attach it to an Excel workbook. We'll focus on creating a toolbar that allows convenience in doing precision graphics in Excel or Word too.

Click here and then do the REFRESH button or RELOAD button at least 5 or 10 times to see the randomly chosen quotes generated by a PERL/CGI program.