810:022 Fall 2001
Microcomputer Applications and Systems Integration

Final Exam JavaScript Practice Questions, by the students of Fall semester 2001 for 810:022. Don't see your name in the list? Send me email with the URL of your questions ASAP.

Fourteen practice questions JavaScript example with separate animation and graphics windows, frames, separate library file, and the Grade Quiz button in the bottom frame, so it is always visible.
Version with FOUR Frames, EIGHT questions, TWELVE golden eggs and a holiday message for upcoming Christmas and 2002.

Beatles question to illustrate how to use the toLowerCase() function, to make it easier to correct fill in the blank questions. Added Wednesday December 12th at 6 p.m.

Writing to a Frame from a JavaScript function that is part of the HTML file for another frame. Example from Wednesday, December 12th class. Calling on the parent document to help find the other child, the sibling, so to speak.

Animation using JavaScript. Example from Monday, December 10th class.

Javascript launching an animation in a new Browser window example. Also has selection menus, checkboxes, and textboxes in a self-grading quiz. (From Wednesday, December 12th class).

Show Animated GIF in a separate window. Downloads for Excel macros assignment:

  1. ord9711.txt: COBOL produced report, raw text file for the import macro.
  2. orders.dbf: dBase database for the AppendDatabase macro development.

Show Animated GIF in a separate window.

Fall of 1999 web page for class.

Handouts and examples from Monday, November 26th class.
  1. Racing rectangles and Excel VBA.

  2. More racing rectangles resources and screen snapshots. All on one page in one browser window.

  3. Variant variables, execution time and Excel VBA. Printout is due on Monday, November 19th.
JavaScript exercise developed from Wednesday, October 10th handout. Nested for loops. Logic of a four step for loop body.
raw text file listing ideas for how to modify and transform the panthers.html VBScript file. We did some of this in the hands-on lab class on Friday, October 5th.

Making a command button with PhotoShop, which you received as a handout on Friday, October 5th.

Web Page review from 021 class.

Web page resources and help pages.

Practice questions generated by you 022 students for the quiz #1.

Assignment #2: Develop 8 questions for Quiz #1 preparation and review using 1st 4 weeks material on Excel and VBA. Due date: by noon on Monday. Delivery is by email. Turn in hard copy in WRT 105 during class on Monday, October 1st.

Quiz #1 reminder and review of Wednesday, September 17th class. Randomly colored worksheet rows, Static variables, For loops and Do While loops and If Then examples.
New date 10/3/Wednesday - Quiz #1

Week #2: Wednesday, Sept 5th Wright 112 handout, to be used and discussed in class during weeks 2, 3 and 4 labs and lectures.

Friday Aug 31st Lab #1 followup email note on the Import Text macro and the ord9603.txt Text file from the P: drive Jacobson folder. What if I hardly know any Excel or hardly remember any Excel? What if I got lost in the lab and didn't get one of the macros to work? Read the email note and stop worrying!
The textbook is Sams Teach Yourself Excel 2000 Programming in 21 Days by Matthew Harris and Chris Denny. It has a list price of $29.95.

JavaScript for the World Wide Web is the 2nd textbook. It has a list price of $19.99.

Amazon.com info on the JavaScript textbook by Tom Negrino and Dori Smith.

Here are the links to the Fall of 1999 and the Fall of 2000 class web page, as they existed at the end of the class in December. Obviously, the class changes alot from year to year, but you can get an idea of some of the topics by looking at the old web page.
Readings: Days 1, 2, 6 and 9 of Excel 2000 Programming in 21 Days by Friday, September 14th.