810:022 Fall 2002
Fall 2002 - Microcomputer Applications and Systems Integration

  1. Here are 022 student's practice questions for final exam review. There are 20 of 23 of them present. Please email me your URL if you are one of the three students who has not finished yet or is not listed.

  2. 5 checkboxes, 4 select menu choices, 3 questions, 2 frames and 1 JavaScript example from Wednesday class.

  3. Animation of cycling images using JavaScript setTimeout() to schedule the display or rotation of the next image in the animation.

  4. Illustrating the toLowerCase() method used to ease the grading of fill in the blank questions.

  5. How would you write to a frame from another frame? See this example. Write to lower frame from upper frame. Illustrates Textboxes and command buttons too.

  6. How to do an ANIMATION in JavaScript. Please ignore the speed up and slow down and custom speed buttons and features.

  7. Here is a 6 question JavaScript graded quiz that is not in frames. It illustrates selection menus (multiple choice questions with only one correct answer), fill in the blank and checkboxes (True/False). It has a link to an animation done by JavaScript too.

  8. Here the Simple Java Example handed out and modified in class on Monday, December 9th.

  9. Here is the FRAMES Simple Java Example from Monday, December 9th.

  10. Here are five Java examples.

  11. Variant variables are SLOW and the Timing exercise to verify that they are slower than Single, Long and Integer types. Variant is a type, but one that can be any Type that is needed by your program. They take up more memory and they are SLOWER to access. This is a Wednesday, November 20th handout.

  12. Here is a 4 frame sample quiz from 1999, but it is written in VBScript instead of JavaScript. The animation is an animated GIF, which is a different approach than we are using by controlling the slides with JavaScript code.

  13. Here is a simpler, 2 frame sample quiz from fall of 1999. The animation is an animated GIF.

  14. Practice exam page will look like this, somewhat.

The 8 questions web site assignment is due: Wednesday, December 11th by 11 p.m. Send the URL of your page.

Access database introduction using the Northwinds database as an example.

  1. Here is the ClipArt customization and Object-Oriented graphics page.

  2. Where and how do I find the A.wmf ClipArt file when it is not in the standard ClipArt folder?

  3. How to use it: Use Insert menu, Picture command, From File... subcommand instead of Insert menu, Picture, ClipArt... subcommand.

  4. Download it: Take the A.wmf file home with you on a diskette, if needed.

Example JavaScript for preparing practice questions and PhotoShop display of works.

Opening a new browser window using JavaScript. The window.open() and window.close() methods.

Using cookies and FORMs in JavaScript.

October 23rd: Photoshop and making a command button for your web page. Note: There will be some differences for the newest version of PhotoShop. Hands-on class on Friday, October 25th in Wright 112 lab.
Metals worksheet: Renaming the Sheet1 worksheet to Metals is VIP. How to do it. Why the error message says "subscript out of range" is explained too.
Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Tin, Bronze and Copper bargains: Precious Metals, which is the Lesson 10 Used Automobiles based assignment will be due on a diskette, along with your Customized Toolbars workbook on Wednesday, October 9th.

I will hand out envelopes during class on Monday, October 7th, so you can put the diskette and printouts into the manilla envelope.

Be sure that your Toolbars all have named that include your 3 initials, and that they are attached to the to the Toolbars.xls workbook (or whatever you call that workbook).

   For example, my Show/Hide Options toolbar would be called

      Show/Hide Options MFJ

   My  Move Objects  toolbar would be --->  Move Objects MFJ
  and  Align Objects would be named   --->  Align Objects MFJ

    The initials should make your toolbar name unique and make it
    possible for me to grade and check all 28 toolbars from one
    computer.                          ---------------

    If two students have the same three initials, I will gladly deal
    with that, but its not very likely to happen.
First class on HTML and JavaScript, Friday October 4th lecture/demo.

First Quiz on WEDNESDAY, October 9th, not on Friday October 4th. QUIZ #1 is on Oct 9th, Wednesday.

Monday, September 30th group exercise solution. Learn the Chr(), Rnd(), Int() functions, review For loops, and yet another Chapter 8 example of extending Excel with a Custom Function.

Postlab assignment due Friday, September 20th at the START of class. You also received this as an email note.

VIP email about assignment: PrintScreen for finished race is enough, since it seems to give problems while graphics are changing!

Friday, September 6th hands-on class CHECKLIST for WRT 112 lab class.
What to read in Reed, what to bring with you, what to do ahead of time if you get the chance.

August 22 022 email note. If you did NOT receive this, send email to jacobson@cns.uni.edu when you read this!
Any version of Excel from Excel 95 or Excel 97 to Excel 2000 will suffice to do the assignments for this class. You do NOT need to have Excel 2002 version! Click the textbook to link to a larger photo at www.amazon.com, if you wish.

Past three year's 022 web pages.

  1. Fall of 2001.
  2. Fall of 2000.
  3. Fall of 1999.
  1. 810:022 detailed course SYLLABUS, but without some of the awesome graphics from the printed version.
  2. The syllabus will be handed out on the first day of class. Use this to verify the course covers alot more than spreadsheets and macros.
  3. I assume no previous Excel experience, so don't worry if you did not do much or any Excel in the past. You will be fine. The course covers lots of graphics and animation concepts, such as are useful for PhotoShop and Flash and clipart. It covers HTML and gives further web page experience, databases, and some authoring software. Also covers PowerPoint basics and beyond.
  4. Another web published version of the syllabus, with hypertext links created using Word Insert Hyperlink button from the Standard Toolbar. The WordArt object is GONE from this version.

  5. Excel VBA Macros PowerPoint presentation covers all the basics, using the Birthday problem. We started this on Friday, August 30th. It will be the basis for an assignment to be handed out on the Wednesday after Labor Day.

  6. Here are your Racing Rectangles Resources, and your first assignment for next Wednesday, September 11th will be posted here soon. It was handed out in class on Friday, September 6th.