810:022 Fall 2005
Microcomputer Applications and Systems Integration - MASI

  1. Email note about Showing your Precious Metals, Car Loan and/or Movies Bookmarking Access projects on Thursday, the last day of finals.

  2. You do NOT have to turn in the Parameter Queries exercise from earlier this semester. Just the MsgBox exercise screen snapshots where the different types of variables are Timed for speed of execution.

  3. The take-home FINAL EXAM will be 100% identical to this 2004 take-home exam.

    Try to solve simpler problems first, such as printing out 23 random numbers BEFORE you attempt to store them in an array. Do NOT try to do the whole thing at once, do it in parts. And do related but simpler things to build up to the final task. Page 154 of the book has information on Sorting Arrays.

  4. Here is the folder to download the movies Categories graphics, or you can create your own too. You will need these for your movies VBA Microsoft ACCESS application and the Custom FORM that allows BOOKMARKING movie quotes to come back to, etc..

  5. Queries and the Movies database, especially parameter queries and expression builder. Did quite a few of these during hands-on class on October 20th.

  6. Download Movies2002.mdb database by right clicking on the link. You will need this for the above exercises doing parameter queries, etc. STUDY ALL THIS MATERIAL CAREFULLY TO DO THE CUSTOM FORM BOOKMARKING APPLICATION - you have some of the VBA code as a handout. Your started this in a hands-on class too. It will be graded IN PERSON. It will be graded by individual appointment sometime during finals week or else on the last day of class. During finals week means any day during finals week, including Friday.

  7. Precious Metals Excel spreadsheet Calculator assumes that you do the Lesson Ten handout FIRST. You probably will want to do these in TWO DIFFERENT WORKBOOKS, perhaps named Metals.xls and CarLoans.xls, for example. These two workbooks will be graded by individual appointment sometime during finals week or else on the last day of class.

  8. From December 1st hands-on class: Right click to DOWNLOAD the Bookstore2005.mdb database file.

  9. Here is the Northwind.mdb database, usually named NWind.mdb. This is a smaller version of it.

  10. Right Mouse Click to Download Orders.txt and Right Mouse Click to download the Orders.dbf database for the hands-on class

  11. Animated GIF files using PhotoShop and using gifmerge program on SOME of the cowboy.cns.uni.edu computers.

  12. Variables and VBA. Explicit declaration compared to Variant variables and the effect on performance. We did this as a hands-on class on October 20th.

  13. PERL functions (subprograms) and parameters, where the parameter is an ARRAY of LI's (List Items) for an OL (Ordered List).

  14. Hashing, split() and foreach loops in PERL. What is a hash?

  15. PERL and CGI.

8/30/Tuesday note: First email note, related to not to worry about any specific prerequisite experiences.

Sub pauseTwoSeconds()                         Sub PauseOneHalfSecond()
   stopTime = Timer + 2                          stopTime = Timer + 0.5
   currentTime = Timer                           Do While Timer < stopTime
   Do While currentTime < stopTime                  DoEvents
      DoEvents                                   Loop
      currentTime = Timer                     End Sub
End Sub

Any version of Excel from Excel 95 or Excel 97 to Excel 2002 will suffice to do the EXCEL VBA assignments for this class. You do NOT need to have Excel 2005 latest version!

Past six year's 022 web pages.

  1. Fall of 2004.
  2. Fall of 2003.
  3. Fall of 2002.
  4. Fall of 2001.
  5. Fall of 2000.
  6. Fall of 1999.
  1. I assume no previous Excel experience, so don't worry if you did not do much or any Excel in the past. You will be fine. The course covers lots of graphics and animation concepts, such as are useful for PhotoShop and Flash and clipart. It covers HTML and gives further web page experience, databases, and some authoring software. Also covers PowerPoint basics and beyond. We will do some GIMP graphics software and of course, we will make web pages dynamic using PERL/CGI and HTML FORMs.

  2. Excel VBA Macros PowerPoint presentation covers all the basics, using the Birthday problem. We will start this on Thursday, August 25th during class #2 and continue it during week #2.

  3. Download the SSH secure shell software so you can connect to cowboy cluster (bebop, julia, spike, jet, or ????) full name: bebop.cns.uni.edu, julia.cns.uni.edu, etc.

  4. REVIEW and SCREEN SNAPSHOTS of Wednesday, Sept 17th (2003) class.

    • Code for ShowDuplicates to color them yellow, track if there is a repeat birthday with a BOOLEAN TRUE/FALSE variable. This code calls a couple of other macros.
    • Birthdays macro recorded during class on Wednesday, September 17th, 2003. This macro calls the ShowDuplicates macro.
    • How do I update the totals? updateTotals macro VBA code and how and where it is used (at the end of showDuplicates macro).

  5. Here is a note (from Fall 2003) about the .Offset() technique and adapting it to checking for repeats to eliminate the need for an extra variable and a couple lines of code. It also covers the ReportResult() macro code and how you could use the version that has a BOOLEAN argument instead of the zero argument TallyTheResult() macro. WE MAY NOT EVEN LOOK AT THIS BY THE END OF THE 2nd WEEK!!!

  6. Here are your Racing Rectangles Resources. By the end of the 4th week, you will have a good understanding of the racing rectangles macros. We will look at the simplest version of this during class number two on Thursday, August 25th.