810:022 Fall 2007
FALL 2007 - Microcomputer Applications and Systems Integration - MASI

Summary Row (find first available) solution: Using an IF statement solves the problem for Ctrl-Down Arrow not going to row 65,536 sometimes.
FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE IS NOW COMPLETE - Final Exam is Monday at 1 p.m.
1. is Excel and VBA and 2. is Excel and VBA since test one, and 3. is Flash.
  1. TEST ONE STUDY GUIDE: This Test Study Guide resources, suggestions and practice applies for the first half of our final exam, since it is comprehensive. Review test one.

  2. Since test one study guide is NOW COMPLETED and shown right HERE. EXCEL and VBA macros.
     1.  Be able to write (DEFINE) a FUNCTION and know how to USE the 
         function that you wrote.  
         i.  I will have you write one function that requires no
             arguments, and
        ii.  I will have you write another function that has some 
        Function randInteger(lowest As Integer, highest As Integer) As Integer
            howmanyvalues = highest - lowest + 1
            n = Int(Rnd * howmanyvalues + lowest)
            randInteger = n
        End Function
        Function theRow() As Integer
            ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Range("A1").Select
            theRow = ActiveCell.Row
        End Function
     2.  Know the Cells() method of VBA and how you could use
         Cells(2, 3).Value instead of Range("C2").Value.
         Know what the following would do:
         For i = 2 to 11
             Cells(i, 1).Value = i
             Cells(i, 2).Value = i * i
         Next i
     3.  Study the Birthday PowerPoint and understand the final birthday
         project techniques.
     4.  Be able to Run Series for something simple, so know:
         For loops with Step sizes, such as
         whatRow = 2
         For p = Range("E2").Value to Range("F2").Value Step RANGE("G2").Value
             Cells(whatRow, 10).Value = someRandomNumber(1, p)
             Cells(whatRow, 11).Value = someRandomNumber(p + 1,  2 * p )
             whatRow = whatRow + 1
         Next p

  3. Flash study guide is just to be able to answer these 10 questions. FLASH

Questions about the Birthday Project buttons and due date.

Run once button, Run n times button, Run series button.

Note:  If you misplaced your handout, please
       pick one up at 307 ITT.  I have several
       copies taped up outside my office door.
PREREQUISITE #1: VBA Macros - variations on 23 birthdays problem. Great preparation for the final exam too.
Use Internet Explorer, as Firefox doesn't seem to be able to handle the converted PowerPoint.

Flash Tutorial Cafe Townsend FMA (Flexible Message Area) resources. We started this on Friday, November 9th.

Spotlight sweeping across a city at night Flash example from 11/02/Friday class.

Flash assignment one is due whenever but before 11/08/Friday. Please email the URL. Also, see the range of test one scores here.

Wednesday, October 24th example, which you have as a handout including the ActionScript. The ActionScript code for the spinning square and bouncing ball application.
Assignment One example. Your assignment specifications are here. Keep in mind that we have EXTRA classes in Studio IT 2:
10-24 WEDNESDAY   <--------- 3 classes in a row starting on 10/24
10-26 FRIDAY
10-29 MONDAY

11-2  FRIDAY     11-9  FRIDAY    11-16 FRIDAY (last class there)

30 day trial version: Download Flash 8 or Flash 9. The instructions are here.
*** VIP: TEST ON MONDAY, OCTOBER 15th - see your email. ***

VIP: Test Study Guide and resources, suggestions and practice.

Toolbars Assignment, which you have as a handout.

Did you roll seven, eleven or doubles? How to do FUNCTIONs in Excel VBA.

Review of Monday class handout for 9/17/Monday and preview of certification classes for spring of 2008.

What to read for F L A S H classes review.

Friday, September 14th Rotating Wheel Car example.

Assignment for Birthday maco: Nineteen birthdays, 3 buttons to be shown during lab or in office or after class.

Email note: What to study for August 27th and August 29th classes, which will focus on Excel VBA macros.

Hands-on classes schedule for Studio 2 laptop lab (ITT 136) will concentrate on learning Flash. We will do some Excel VBA here too, but can do that in the Wright Hall 112 computer lab too.

Suggestions for preparing for class 2 in WRT 112 lab: Assignment One is basically a quick preview task using Lesson One of Excel VBA book and 23 Birthday power point slide show.

VBA Macros - variations on 23 birthdays probability problem.

Here is the Fall 2006 syllabus, to give a rough idea of what the class will be like in fall of 2007.

The two books we will be using this fall (One on Flash and one on Excel VBA) are listed below:
Note that NO previous experience with Excel or with Flash is required.

How to Do Everything with Flash 8 by Bonnie Blake and Doug Sahlin
Publisher: McGraw Hill Osbourne (www.osborne.com) - 2006
     Cost: $24.99 ($18.99 at Amazon.com)

  ISBN-10: 0072262451
  ISBN-13: 978-0072262452

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Visual Basic for Applications Step by Step 
(Paperback with CD-ROM) 

     Cost: $29.99 ($19.79 at Amazon.com)
   Author: Reed Jacobson
Publisher: Microsoft Press (May 16, 2007)
  ISBN-10: 073562402X
  ISBN-13: 978-0735624023
Book Description
Work at your own pace through the easy numbered steps and practice 
files on CD, and master the fundamentals for using VBA to create custom 
software solutions and automating tasks in Excel 2007--no experience required!

You'll learn how to automate spreadsheets, write your own functions and 
procedures, and customize menus and toolbars. 

You will learn how to write a racing rectangle game in Excel VBA, and 
a word guessing game like Wheel of Fortune.

You will learn how to animate WordArt objects.

You'll discover Excel Objects, including workbooks, range objects, 
graphics, and PivotTables. Plus, you'll learn how to chart data from 
databases and other information sources.

Excel VBA tutorials for extra practice and reading.
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