810:022 Fall 2006
Microcomputer Applications and Systems Integration - MASI

  1. FINAL EXAM: TEST THREE Study Guide and Outline is NOW READY. It is finished as of:
    math-cs:~/web> date
                   Fri Dec  8 22:46:48 CST 2006

  2. Budget.xls spreadsheet for the CustomForms.txt assignment (Viewing All, or Detail or Summary).

    Where to get PHOTOCOPY portion of assignment: BUDGET VIEWs handout.

  3. Shown in class on November 29th (Wednesday): Download or open and run the FOURTH VERSION of Neko racing: EXEcutable Cat race: Version 4. This EXEcutable version of a Visual Basic 6.0 program should run on your PC.

    Other version of the Neko cat racing program. It recalls the RACING RECTANGLES...

    You will see the Neko cat racing program as a FLASH movie before the spring semester 810:023 class is over.

  4. Friday, December 1st lab: Hangman.xls to download and save on the C: drive.

  5. Flash Hour 11 examples.

  6. ITTC 328 classroom and FLASH.

  7. HangmanWords.xls download and save to the C: drive. (Friday, Nov 17th lab class).

  8. Exam Two is on Wednesday, November 15th. No FLASH is on the exam.

  9. Sunday, November 12th note.

  10. Help with VBA SliceOf() function, and Functions in general.

    You will have to write a simple function on the exam, with specifically typed parameters (arguments) and return type.

  11. Sudoku which square is it function? whichSquareColorsSudoku.xls might be fun to look at and play with.

  12. The Flash textbook web site and the author's Phillip Kerman website.

  13. TEST TWO: Test two on 11/15 and not on Friday.

  14. Here is the Bookstore.xls Excel problem from the Friday, snow/ice-storm November hands-on class day. Be sure to name the Workbook Bookstore.xls when you download it. Bookstore.xls with an UPPER-CASE B, if you want the command button to work.

How to get your free Flash 8 software downloaded from FlashGuru and Abobe Trial Downloads.

Now() is the time to create the Five Field Record Excel Database add record application. Due on Monday, Halloween eve, i.e. due on All Hallow's Eve Eve.

  1. Read the first 4 hours (chapters) of the FLASH book. We will start FLASH on next Monday, October 30th.

  2. Read Chapter 23: Creating Custom Menus -

    Try this Excel VBA menu code from the class handout.

  3. Here is the folder to download the movies Categories graphics, or you can create your own too.

  4. Queries and the Movies database, especially parameter queries and expression builder.

  5. Download Movies2002.mdb database by right clicking on the link. You will need this for the above exercises doing parameter queries, etc.

Assignment to throw a pair of dice: Die Throwing Excel VBA simulation.
API Sleep() Sub declare and use, along with the API GetSystemMetrics() Function declare and use and WRAPPER.
Diamonds, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, Tin: Precious Metals assignment. You need to have and do the Car Loan Lesson Ten handout as a prerequisite to doing this assignment.

Email note about Precious Metals and Car Loans and the Price versus thePrice name problem.

CarLoan.xls -- Right Click and save: Car Loan Excel workbook.

Output .txt file ord9711.txt to import into Microsoft Excel.

Orders.dbf database.

Test one will be on Monday, October 2nd instead of the previous Friday, due to the UNI President installation ceremony from 11-1 p.m. that day.

Any version of Excel from Excel 97 to Excel 2002 to Excel 2005 or XP will suffice to do the EXCEL VBA assignments for this class. You do NOT need to have Excel 2005 latest version!
What to READ and DO assignment.

Past six year's 022 web pages.

  1. Fall of 2005.
  2. Fall of 2004.
  3. Fall of 2003.
  4. Fall of 2002.
  5. Fall of 2001.
  6. Fall of 2000.
  7. Fall of 1999.
  1. Here are your Racing Rectangles Resources. By the end of the 4th week, you will have a good understanding of the racing rectangles macros. We will look at the simplest version of this during class number two on Thursday, August 25th.

  2. VIP: The RACING RECTANGLES assignment is due on Wednesday, September 13th. See specifications here. You have the code as a handout.

  3. I assume no previous Excel experience, so don't worry if you did not do much or any Excel in the past. You will be fine. The course covers lots of graphics and animation concepts, such as are useful for PhotoShop and Flash and clipart. It covers HTML and gives further web page experience, databases, and some authoring software. Also covers PowerPoint basics and beyond. We will do some GIMP graphics software and of course, we will make web pages dynamic using PERL/CGI and HTML FORMs.

  4. Excel VBA Macros PowerPoint presentation covers all the basics, using the Birthday problem. You saw a preview of the 23 persons birthday problem in the first class. We will start teaching this series of birthday macros during the first two weeks of class.

    *** IGNORE ALL MATERIAL BELOW HERE till later... ***

    • Code for ShowDuplicates to color them yellow, track if there is a repeat birthday with a BOOLEAN TRUE/FALSE variable. This code calls a couple of other macros.

    • Birthdays macro recorded during class on Wednesday, September 17th, 2003. This macro calls the ShowDuplicates macro.
    • How do I update the totals? updateTotals macro VBA code and how and where it is used (at the end of showDuplicates macro).

  5. Here is a note (from Fall 2003) about the .Offset() technique and adapting it to checking for repeats to eliminate the need for an extra variable and a couple lines of code. It also covers the ReportResult() macro code and how you could use the version that has a BOOLEAN argument instead of the zero argument TallyTheResult() macro. WE MAY NOT EVEN LOOK AT THIS BY THE END OF THE 2nd WEEK!!!