Microcomputer Systems 810:023 Spring 2008

*** VIP: Final Exam Study Guide... ***

Ethereal Assignment due on Friday.

Monday, April 28th class: Cryptography - Please read this material carefully.

Ghostbuster's soundtrack .mp3 segment and Flash CS3 (AS 3.0) code and techniques.

Scanners concepts - hardware and software.

Switches and Bridges web pages, including a detailed solution to today's group exercise on Flood, Forward and Filter.

Hamming error detection and one bit correction protocol: Hamming codewords illustrated using Flash.

M 4/7;                    Four meetings in April - ITT STUDIO III lab
F 4/11; 
F 4/18;                   Friday April 11th, Friday April 18th, 
F 4/25;                                      Friday April 25th

Quiz on Monday, 04/14 - finish small group quiz first

      1. Hamming code word questions...

      2. CSMA/CD ethernet protocol questions...

      3. Which computers are on the same subnet questions...

Friday 04/04 PHP note for feedback.html or comments.html and email SPAM prevention security.

How to Create A PHP Feedback Form Script. Please read this over before Monday's Studio III hands-on class. (Friday, April 4th).

bash-2.03$ date
Fri Apr  4 14:48:06 CDT 2008   <----- 2:48 p.m. on Friday...

bash-2.03$ cd php
bash-2.03$ ls -l *.php
-rw-r--r--   1 jacobson faculty      287 Apr  2 14:25 a1.php
-rw-r--r--   1 jacobson faculty      526 Apr  2 14:42 a3.php
-rw-r--r--   1 jacobson faculty      211 Apr  1 23:07 action.php
-rw-r--r--   1 jacobson faculty     3501 Apr  1 15:36 feedback.php
-rw-r--r--   1 jacobson faculty      461 Apr  2 16:18 feedback2.php
-rw-r--r--   1 jacobson faculty      238 Apr  1 14:42 sendmail.php
-rw-r--r--   1 jacobson faculty      234 Apr  2 16:08 sendmail2.php
-rw-r--r--   1 jacobson faculty      471 Apr  2 16:48 tryHidden.php

Decrypt the following message:  The key is BE.


  1. Monday, March 31st Flash graphics followup example.

  2. QUIZ ON FRIDAY 04/04 (No hands-on class this Friday, April 4th).

  3. Swinging striker on elastic band: Friday, March 28th Flash class review.

  4. The following Take Home Quiz/Assignment is due on Monday, March 31st.

  5. Vignere ciphers for encryption from plaintext to ciphertext.

  6. Vignere Ciphers for encryption, including an applet.

  7. Hamming codewords for error detection and correction on networks.

  8. CSMA/CD Carier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection...
Scanner Experiment in Flash, perhaps relevant for monitors and phosphors and pixels as well.

VIP: Subnet Mask links, exercises, resources and email notes.
Includes a LINK TO subnet mask TAKE HOME QUIZ - due Friday, March 7th.

  1. Subnet Mask links, exercises, resources and email notes. LINK TO TAKE HOME QUIZ - due Friday, March 7th.

  2. QUIZ THREE ON WEDNESDAY, February 27th. It will cover Fetch/Execute Cycle and Cache memory exercise/review of Monday class. Know the mistake and the oversimplification involving the CPU Simulator demonstrated and discussed.

  3. Nice material on computer systems components CPU, Mp, Ms, Input, Output and Bus from Computer Skills and Concepts class.

  4. Cache Memory comes in Levels or Layers - L1, L2, L3 cache explained.
QUIZ #3 will NOT cover what we have done in Flash CS3 during the 2/15, 2/18, 2/20 and 2/22 classes, with an emphasis on Guide and Guided Layers. We will review for the quiz on 2/25 and probably hand out your first Flash assignment.

  1. An example of the practical usefulness of knowing Parent .. and Current . directory Unix and Windows command prompt syntax.

  2. Quiz Two Study Guide and topics.

  3. Review of Monday, February 11th class about <, >, |, batch files, internal external commands, etc.

  4. The Batch files Friday 02/08/2008 Wright 112 lab review.

Possible change of hands-on class schedule: We WILL switch to ITT Studio 3 laptop computer lab for 14 classes starting on Friday 02/15. See the ITT 138 Studio 3 LAB SCHEDULE here.

The QUIZ ONE TOPICS to be prepared for.

The Monday, February 4th email reminding of the quiz and assignment on Wednesday.

Assignment One and Quiz One email note with review of 4 generations of computers, Mauchly and ENIAC, Atanasoff and ABC computer, base 16, etc. I forgot to include information about Moore's Law. Both 18 months and 2 years for the doubling of transistors are discussed here. A more in depth article on Moore's Law.

VIP: Assignment One due date and Quiz One will both be on Wednesday, February 6th.

Class in WRT 112 lab EVERY FRIDAY.

Your first ASSIGNMENT is here. Do it as a prelab to be prepared for Friday's class #3, which is in WRT 112 computer lab. It won't be collected.

Here is Wednesday evening email note with good review of portions of Wednesday's class. IP numbers, NIC addressses, and Port numbers and how the DO NOT THROW.

Here is Binary (base two) along with some information on Hexadecimal (base 16), Octal (base 8) and our good friend, decimal (base ten).
  1. The SEVEN LAYERS of the OSI model, aka dwarfing the imagination.

  2. IP and subnet concepts: Internet Protocol and the way IP numbers are used to break one network into subnetworks.

For FRIDAY Class #3: Capture files to play with for ethereal.

  june21st2004B.eth  june22nd2004.eth

Networking terms and concepts - This LAN is your LAN. This LAN in my LAN folksong lyrics by Woody Guthrie.

Spring 2008 course reviews/previews

The Spring 1999 web page, the Spring 2000 page, Spring 2001 810:023 page, Spring 2002 810:023 page, Spring 2003 810:023 web page, Spring 2004 810:023 web page, Spring 2005 810:023 web page, Spring 2006 810:023 and finally the Spring 2007 810:023 Microcomputer Systems web page all are useful to see what kinds of topics are covered in this class. Keep in mind, the rate of change for networks, PCs and operating systems means the class will change quite a bit in response.