Visual BASIC Programming

Fall 2002

  1. Movies database assignment resources, to supplement your handout. Due on Friday, December 13th.

  2. Download the movies database, Access 97 version.

  3. Download the movies database, Access 2000 version. Try this one first.

  4. Base 2 binary, along with related base 8 Octal and base 16 Hexadecimal. This is an old handout.

  5. The midterm exam test scores distribution and conversion.

  6. Popup menus review of Friday, November 8th menus lecture, useful for your assignment for the Print menu and the Font and Colors menu, and the two popup menus that are needed too. This is NOT your assignment. It is just an example.

  7. Due date: Wednesday, November 20th Using the CommonDialog control for Fonts and Colors and doing top-down development, stepwise refinement, for loops practice program that uses menus. . Turn in screen snapshots demonstrating that the popupmenu works, and that the Font sizes and Forecolor were changed. Also show the pull-down menu in one screen snapshot. Turn in your VB code printout too. Assigned (handed out) on Friday, November 8th.
    How to go about getting pull-down and pop-up menu screen snapshots and HOW to CROP and then RESIZE a screen snapshot.

  8. Here are answers for some of the Midterm Study Guide questions that have come up since Monday. You do NOT have to know how to do the Line command yet. Clear Screen is used for ERASING drawing, and is Cls or Picture1.Cls to be exact.

  9. Documentation for the For...Next Statement in Visual Basic.
    ' Here is the solution to one of the problems from Friday, November 1st
    ' class.  It is the toughest nested loop problem that was proposed.
    ' It prints a beautiful V pattern (if you use Courier New font!) of the
    ' data the user typed in the Textbox txtSchool
    For i = 1 to Len(txtSchool)
       For j = 1 to i - 1                      ' 1. Print leading spaces
          Print " ";
       Next j
       Print Mid(txtSchool, i, 1);             ' 2. Print the ith letter
       For j = 1 to 2 * (Len(txtSchool) - i)   ' 3. Print embedded spaces
          Print " ";
       Next j
       Print Mid(txtSchool, i, 1);             ' 4. Print the ith letter
       Print                                   ' 5. Advance to the next line
    Next i
    Question:  How many times will Visual Basic execute the Print statement
               for the word eight letter word Panthers?

  10. Practice exercises to use in mastering For Next loops and Strings (Left(), Right(), Mid() and Len() functions.

  11. Here is a study guide of practice questions and resources for the Wednesday, November 5th midterm exam and the December final exam.

  12. Quiz on Monday, October 21st. Hands-on classes on Friday, October 18th and Friday, October 25th.

  13. Converting from base 10 to base 16 using Visual Basic Decimal to hexadecimal is harder than decimal to binary.

  14. Assignment is due on Wednesday, October 16th. The 12 questions and the waggle dancing bee flower drawing program are due on 10/16. Next quiz (Quiz #3) is on Friday, October 18th.

  15. Friday, October 10th example, which illustrates Mod operator, Timers, QBColor() function, Print with semicolon to stay on same line, and the GLOBAL variable concept.

  16. Want to DOWNLOAD the DragDrop() icons for Trash Barrel and DragOver and animated smoke example. See what the icons look like before or after you download them.

    ICONS: Where do you find the ICONS on your hard drive or the C: drive on the Wright Hall computers? You can set the Picture property of an Image or a PictureBox control to any of these 100s of icons. The path is the following:

         C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Common\Graphics\Icons

    See some of the Misc folder's icons. Also, not the title bar of the window shows the path to the Misc folder.

  17. October 2nd class: This should be VERY HELPFUL for GOLF programming project.
    Review of the movies example (how to improve your GOLF game) and Wednesday, October 2nd handout and lecture/demo.

  18. Golfer's AVERAGE SCORE algorithm logic is as easy to comprehend as A, B, C. Study this email note.

  19. Dates and pages: Schedule for GOLFERS program and QUIZ #2 and QUIZ #3 is here.

  20. QUIZ ON MONDAY SEPTEMBER 23rd: Practice Quiz to look at, but study ALL of your lecture notes too please.

  21. QUIZ ON MONDAY 09/23 and 09/20/Friday Lab Review. Vertical Scroll Bars, RGB function, default properties, Change() and Scroll() events, etc.

  22. Assignment #2: Due on Friday, September 20th File Browser application for your graphics file browsing needs.

  23. Assignment #1 and hands-on class #1 VIP email note. Did you not receive this? Send me a note and tell me the email address you want to use. Be sure to mention what class you are in too! 2 MWF or Visual Basic. or are the two email addresses that I use.

  24. Due Monday, September 9th Programming Assignment #1, the old ACAD UNI user id program, was handed out on Friday, August 30th. It is due on Tuesday, September 9th, by 10 p.m. when Wright Hall closes. Slide it UNDER my Wright 106 office door, if you do not turn it in during class on Monday or don't see me when you stop at my office.

  25. Initial Maker program Friday, August 30th class example. We will talk more about the TabIndex property and cover the KeyPress() event next Wednesday and Friday and the following Monday.

  26. READING ASSIGNMENT for the first week of class. Besides reading over the handouts and lecture notes, read chapters 1 and 2. We will start to cover chapter 3 at the end of week #2.

  27. PowerPoint slides for lectures #1 and #2.
    This example program will be discussed and demonstrated for at least two lectures. Begin reading chapters 1 and 2 of the textbook.
  28. Design time and VB code from Monday, June 10th - day #1 example.

  29. RUN time example. The FORM_CLICK() event has happened at least 4 times, right?