COBOL - Summer 1999

  1. Quiz schedule:

  2. Hands on classes (weekly, at least), cheapest COBOL compiler for PCs email note from Thursday evening, June 17th.

  3. ICEMAN/COBRA/VIPER June 16th note on LABELS clause and a few related chaos and Unix and COBOL matters.

  4. COBRA/VIPER/ICEMAN email note from June 14th. Good summary of enscript, cobol, runcbl and printers commands for and 1st COBOL assignment deliverables.

  5. How to use COBOL (pico, cobol, runcbl, cat | enscript) on chaos.

  6. Tuesday, June 15th cobra email notes:

  7. How to use pico editor on The pico name stands for pine composer, which means that pico is the pine email editor or composer for the sending and replying commands.

  8. The UNIX commands that are most commonly used.
    For example: cd cobol; cd ..; rm; rm *.run; history; more prog1.lst; rm prog3.lst; enscript; cat; etc.