Discrete Structures Fall 2006 WEEKS ONE THRU FIVE

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Week Dates Topics Homework or Quizzes
1 08/21-08/25 Read sections 1.1 and 1.2 of textbook.
  1. Tuesday email note, with a simple implication A implies B involving even numbers like 2, 4, 6, 8, discrete we sure appreciate...

  2. Class #1 review, class #2 and class #3 PREview. Truth tables, AND, OR, NOT, disjuncts, conjuncts, De Morgan's laws, implications, etc.

  3. Review outline of section 1.1 on Statements, Symbolic Representation, and Tautologies.

    VIP: (REVIEW FOR all THREE MWF first week classes).

2 08/28-09/01 Read, reread and DO section 1.2 material and review lecture notes.

Homework #1 due on Wednesday...

Negation of an Implication means use the implication rule first, then use DM (De Morgan's).

3 09/06-09/08 Labor Day holiday Monday

Read Section 1.3: Quantifiers, Predicates, and Validity

VIP: Assignments for Wednesday and next MONDAY


VIP: Assignments for Wednesday and next MONDAY

4 09/11-09/17 Section 2.1: Proof Techniques

Preview/Review: Prove the sum of an even and an odd integer is ODD, started on Monday, September 11th.

Interactive, self-grading practice QUIZ.

5 09/18-09/22

Test #1
Wednesday September 27th

Old Exams and Quizzes to use for practice and review.

Study session from Fall 2002 Review Session would be great Practice for Test #1, especially the mt, mp, imp, DM, ds, contra, dn, dist, comm, sim, con rules (equivalences and inferences).


5 p.m. Tuesday
in our classroom (ITT 27)

Test #1
Wednesday September 27th

   45%  1.2 Propositional Logic proofs
   30%  2.1 Proofs involving divides, evens, odds
   10%  1.1 Truth tables and basics
   10%  1.3 Quantifiers, predicate logic
    5%  2.2 Induction proof concepts, terminology and patterns,
  ----      possibly true/false, fill in blank or matching.
  100%              You will not have to DO a inductive proof.
Email note - TEST ONE suggestions.

Discrete Structures Curriculum 2001 discussion by ACM/IEEE Ironman Draft.