PERL/CGI Web Programming - 2nd 4 weeks

810:088 web page for 1st four weeks, up until Monday, July 10th.

  1. Midterm Exam pages 3 and 4 key is useful to study in REVIEWING for the FINAL EXAM. Note especially the TIMTOWTDI variations.

    See the last question output here: Length, Height, Weight showForm.cgi output. See the code in the key, at the very end.

  2. Monday July 23rd midterm and FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE, which also will be used as part I of the two part study guide for the final exam on Friday, August 3rd.

    Last updated 3:52 p.m. on Tuesday.

  • Sending email from a PERL script. Click here to try it out.

  • Random quotes and student Perl projects pages. If you do not see your name on the list, please email me the URL to get to your random quotes CGI application, so I can add it. Number of PROJECTS LINKS PAGES DONE: 5

  • Monday, July 30th Wright 112 lab count visits and ENVironmental variables and localtime() exercise.

    Here is another version, without the ENV variables, but with the localtime() function output made much clearer.

  • See the myGuestBookSpell.html which allows you to Spell Check your comment before you submit it!

  • July 23rd name and initials functions handout. Illustrates parameter passage.

  • The guest book application link has been added here for your convenience. The link is also still available from the other 1st four weeks page and has been since before the 1st day of classes.

  • My calendar displaying application. Try it out and compare it to yours.
    The Perl code for the two calendar script files and for latest version of myCGI.lib was handed out on Monday 07/23 in class. The extra feature of allowing a user to specify a hyphenated range of months, was NOT required for your assignment. Try entering 8-5 for the months, if you would like to see the calendar for the 2001-2002 school year from August 2001 to May 2002. Just leave the year text box blank.

  • Thursday, July 19th myCGI.lib and testLib.cgi application and code.

    07/19/2001 note, with sleep function and the myCGI.lib exciting heading function examples.

    Nested loops and right triangles, with the right triangle made of * symbol.

  • Changing the guestBook.lib library file handout from require subparseform.lib to use CGI :standard. We like param() and in 2001 no longer need to use Parse_Form and the formdata hash!
    Further email on GUEST BOOK and its importance and its later due date.

  • Random quotes displayed at your control, with the user specifying a comma separated list of quote numbers.
    Handout PERL code on Wednesday, June 18th - Jurassic Park III day

  • Due on Friday, July 20th is the CALENDAR CGI script program. You will need to use localtime(time), the backtic method of invoking a server command, and probably the split function.

  • Back tic, Unix cal, Perl localtime and complete review of the Friday July 13th Wright 112 lab class.

  • Spelling checker using Unix server spell program, along with cat and wc commands. Another example of issuing a command to the server shell and returning the output to the Perl program.

  • Unix shell script, using bash shell commands on the server.

  • FAQ #29 added, print header slimer and subtle effects from accidently using nested print function calls.

    Here is a demo/test and sample output of having several prints in one Perl statement.

  • Quiz #4 and Midterm Exam #1 dates and cheat sheet rules for quiz #4 (coin flip or Neko cat race). NOTE: YOU CAN USE WHITE PAPER FOR CHEAT SHEET. COLORED PAPER IS NOT REQUIRED.

  • ASSIGNMENT #3 (random quotes, without any RECENT repeats, modelled after the color.cgi program techniques. Due Thursday, July 12th. You need to utilize 810:088 1st 4 weeks web page materials and links!

  • Wednesday, July 11th handout: Wildcards and processing a collection of files

  • Thursday, July 12th handout: Review of theSum.p lab exercise from Monday, July 9th. Two problems for group exercise.

  • Tuesday, July 10th handout: Review of expenses.p lab code. Shows sample output. Uses the @ARGV array.