Visual BASIC Programming for "experienced" programmers

Spring 2003 - Jan 13th thru Feb 14th

Here is the solution the the PsCount() Visual Basic function. Question 9 of the quiz (February 7th quiz) counts the number of Ps in a string.

PsCount() function solution and original question.

WebBrowser control BACK and FORWARD buttons and how to implement and safely use the .GoForward and .GoBack methods for your browser.

Here is the link to online reference manual pages for the WebBrowser Control and its Properties, Methods and Events (PME).

Last programming project: Web Browser application assignment is now available, but still in progress.
Quiz on Friday, February 7th - 25 minute long quiz.
ASSIGNMENT#2: Scrambled movie names, 3 forms, FlexGrid control assignment (email note).
Here is the Visual Basic 810:030 web page from fall of 2002.
Use it to study 
                the Movies guessing game and 
                Visual Basic database concepts, 
                        especially lstCategory ListBox and SQL. (01/24/Friday).

Friday, January 24th ListBox example and group exercise solution. The Step must be in REVERSE, with STEP -1 or it will NOT work!
The final exam for Visual Basic will be on February 14th during our regular class time. There will be one 25 minute quiz, held at the end of week #3 or the beginning or week #4.
  1. Week #1 lecture examples and resources. Includes links to Timer control, to old lecture 1 and 2 slides for 810:030 class, links to help on RGB and Rnd functions, etc.

  2. Week #2 lecture examples and resources.

Programming Assignment #1 - Menus, the Common Dialog control, Colors. This will be due on Wednesday, January 22nd, 2003. You will turn in a printout of your code, along with screen snapshots demonstrating the running applications different features.

Use Alt+PrintScreen to capture the running application window to the Windows clipboard. Turn in screen snapshots demonstrating that the popupmenu works, and that the Font sizes and Forecolor were changed. Also show the pull-down menu in one screen snapshot. Turn in your VB code printout too. Staple them together, please! Assigned on Wednesday, January 15th.

How to go about getting pull-down and pop-up menu screen snapshots and HOW to CROP and then RESIZE a screen snapshot.