Here are some examples of some of the special effects with text that can be created using After Effects.

UNI Typography Motion Video "Conscious" by Nick Schrunk
UNI Art student's motion graphics undergraduate project shows what can be done with text effects using Adobe After Effects. (April 2007)

3D Text in After Effects
7 second long demo. Words only, no character by character effects, but still very nice.

2D Text Effects
Notice the rock and roll or teeter totter effect.

Spring 2011 final projects for CS 2880 Visual Effects, Animation, and Motion Graphics (810:088)

FALL 2010 final projects are still there for students who were still at UNI in spring semester.

Ghostbusters example
Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler: vip lessons for computer scientists, arts, problem solvers, video producers.

Dances With Wolves.
Would you like to be able to add these features to a you tube video? To one of your own videos?

Creating a Flock of Birds. We'll do this in November before Thanksgiving break of 2012!
Be sure to watch until the end of the video. Flocking of birds is topic in CS 1025, which is a LAC class alternative to Math and Decision Making or Introduction to Statistics or Calculus I. And that class is also in Lang 213 computer lab/classroom.

Demo Reel
Lots of effects besides text in this demonstration of after effects special effects.