Only one textbook. Very LOW price, but the best book there is for beginners!

Loaded with example lessons we'll do in our 44 hands-on Lang 213 lab classes!

Required Textbook:

After Effects Apprentice, Second Edition written by Chris and Trish Meyer the book is currently listed at $29.97 as for the 2nd edition. List price is $44.95. Superb book for learning AE (AE = After Effects) and the book on AE for beginners.


'After Effects Apprentice' provides a strong foundation for the aspiring motion graphics designer
or visual effects artist. It is an excellent resource to help users get up to speed
in After Effects quickly and to maximize their creative expression.

–Steve Kilisky, senior product manager, Adobe After Effects.

The Meyers have once again shown their eloquence and expert knowledge of After Effects.
It is my opinion that After Effects Apprentice will be the primer for all those
who are learning After Effects in production work.

R.Christopher Biggs, special digital effects animator, Walt Disney Imagineering

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