Assignment One - 810:022 - Dreamweaver and Photoshop

  1. Email note about Assignment/Project One. Please read this note and this page carefully. Feel free to ask questions before or during class. They are much better than questions AFTER class. Generally, if you have a question about something, 95% of the class probably would benefit from hearing the answer DURING class! :-)

  2. Detailed information about the DW Dreamweaver and PS Photoshop assignment/project in ASCII text. Last modified on Monday, September 15th at 3:55 p.m.
  3. The Background file for this web page is named markGradientSample.jpg. If you do View menu, Source with your web browser, you would be able to see the HTML code <BODY BACKGROUND="markGradientSample.jpg"> that I typed in using the Code window. There are other ways to add the BACKGROUND attribute to the <BODY> tag. Note: < is the code that allows you to see the < symbol on this page.
  4. Note: Be sure to MAXIMIZE your web browser to read the text on this page along with seeing the MJ initials over to the very right edge of the gradient. My gradient goes from yellow to turqoise. The MJ 09/15/2008 text has a RED Gaussian blurred bleed of 1.8 pixels underneath it. The Text layer was duplicated and then the color of the text was changed to RED. Finally, the Filter menu, Blur, Gaussian Blur was applied. The text had to be rasterized, but Photoshop warns you about that.

    When you want to easily read this page and not have the MJ 09/15/2008 interfere, just narrow the width of the browser window enough to hide the rightmost edge of the 1000 pixel wide and 50 pixel high tiled markGradientSample.jpg BACKGROUND image file.

  5. Here are three different experiments with Photoshop creating tiled BACKGROUND files using different techniques. Some of them will be demonstrated in class in the near future.

    1. Nice gradient using noise gradients from Photoshop is 1000 pixels wide by 50 pixels in height.

    2. 400 by 400 pixel tile of rectangle gradients with an extra diamond layer gradient behind the main wrapped show.

    3. 400 by 400 pixel tile gradient of wrapped rectangles each having a different gradient choice.

  6. Very nice MAYA Graphics pages clipboard screenshot captured, pasted to Photoshop and cropped, commented and SAVED AS .jpg or .gif and linked to on a Dreamweaver created page. Tribute to ice cream or to the Coneheads from the old SNL days.