Dreamweaver for Flash developers (and for Fireworks too)

  1. How to define your site and upload your .html and .swf file to sunny.uni.edu using Dreamweaver. This is the Original Friday 02/08/2008 PDF, which you have as a handout.

    And here is the more complete handout, with a new page added. THIS IS THE SAME FOR Dreamweaver CS4!

    Site menu > New Site command in Dreamweaver.
    You will see screen snapshots of every dialogue box you need to use to define you sunny.uni.edu based web site.
    These Dreamweaver UPLOAD and Site menu > New Site instructions are all you need!

  2. How to use Dreamweaver to Insert Flash content into your own custom web page. This is based on an Adobe training video you should watch in conjunction with the notes.

  3. How to Define Your Dreamweaver Site, including link to a video. This one uses the Advanced Tab instead of the Basic, but it will help you understand the entire process better. DEFINE A SITE USING DREAMWEAVER - Adobe tutorial material.