1. Tony Howell Flower Photographs has lots of the same size .jpg (JPEG) files. FEEL FREE TO USE YOUR OWN PHOTOS or find Graphics on the web for hobbies, musicians, dance, travel or whatever. For the FMA assignment, its just important your graphics are all the SAME SIZE, the same Height and Width!

  2. The Flash Tutorial Cafe Townsend application.

    The Flash Tutorial Cafe Townsend application modified so it has No Tweens. Notice the abrupt and delayed transitions as you click the Next button. Why Abrupt? The Motion Tweens are gone from the slideShow Symbol's Timeline. Why very noticeably delayed? Because I slowed it down from 60 to 12 fps (Frames Per Second).

    Compare and view them in the same web page: Flash Tutorial Cafe Townsend application, both versions.

  3. HOW TO DO CAFE TOWNSEND: Link to the Building Your First Flash Application material. (See your handout - you also have this Tutorial and all its resources available within Flash 8 - see and use the HELP menu).

    Remember if you double click on the Help menu window title bar, the HELP Window will collapse and be out of the way, or it will restore so you can read some more.