Quiz One - January 30th, 2007

This Study Guide/Outline now complete

Ask questions Wednesday BEFORE the quiz, if you have any.

The Flash Animation class homepage.

This quiz is designed to make you more effective with The Flash workspace by knowing the various parts and the most important shortcuts we will use all the time in labs. Ctrl+Enter, F6, F8, F9, . and , will save us lots of time.

Email: First Quiz and First Assignment note.

  1. The first part of the Study Guide is a modification of what you have as a handout from week #2 of the class.

  2. You do NOT have to know the new things covered during the Monday, January 28th class with the *** U N I - P a n t h e r s ! *** example.

    SLOWER version of U N I - P a n t h e r s ! ***

  3. Know the term scrubbing, which can be done by mouse dragging on the timeline to see the animation move backward or forward one frame at a time, or can be done using the , to go backward and the . to go forward. Notice that the keys with the comma(,) and the period(.) have the < and > symbols as their repspective shifted keystroke.

  4. Motion Tween between two KeyFrames, difference between Ease In and Ease Out when doing a Motion Tween.

  5. Be able to identify the Selection tools, the Drawing tools, the View tools and the Color tools as you review the Activity 5.1 worksheet and the day #1 PowerPoint slides handout which has the answers.

  6. Be able to understand and identify the Flash workspace as the the Stage, Timeline, layers area, panels area, Tools panel (I call it the tookbox) and the Property Inspector. Where are they on the stage? See the Activity 5.1 worksheet.

  7. Panels (Library, Alignment, etc.), Stroke color and Fill color on the toolbar.

  8. Suppose you named your Flash project coolMoves. Which file is Flash internet ready movie that will uploaded to and shared from your website?
          a. coolMoves.html      b. coolMoves.fla       c. coolMoves.swf
  9. Suppose you named your Flash project coolMoves. Which file will you need to keep in case you want to make future enhancements or changes to your Flash animation using the Flash CS3 authoring environment?
          a. coolMoves.html      b. coolMoves.fla       c. coolMoves.swf
  10. Which would be best (easiest and most straightforward) for you to use to make a Motion Tween move from a Symbol being clearly seen to fading out gradually and then even invisible, if you so wished? When we did this in the lab, we went from 100% to 40% or so, but you can go all the way to 0% for this Color property.
             a. Alpha        or               b. Tint