Assignment Two - learning Buttons and ActionScript 2.0 on (release) event code along with Nested Symbols and how to reference an instance of a symbol with an instance of a symbol. Symbols can have their own timeline with a Motion Tween.
Due date: by Friday at 5 p.m. so you can have the benefit of Friday's hands-on Studio IT 2 class. Friday, Feb 22nd CARS is due.

  1. Ian - colorful car is DONE.

  2. Nick - semi truck with sound effects is DONE.

  3. Liv Landmaster Tank with adventurer at the wheel is DONE.

  4. Brittany orange pickup is DONE.

  5. Christopher long limosine is DONE.

  6. Jorunn yellow vehicle on a scenic drive during a snowfall is DONE.

  7. Justin gradient style tires car is DONE.

  8. Molly two lane highway, blue sky background car is DONE.

  9. Daniel 6 wheel bus/minivan is DONE.

  10. Seth Ecto 1 with sound and a green slimer is DONE.

  11. Samantha red sportscar on tree lined road is DONE.

  12. James four-door with tinted windows aerodynmically sleek car is DONE.

  13. Erin long red limo is DONE.

  14. Brandon car with taillights and headlights and rocker panels is DONE.

  15. Emilie colorful car with cool hubcaps is DONE.

  16. Laura cool shaped and deep colored car is DONE.

  17. Heather racing striped car is DONE.

  18. Joe UFO like car that burns-out is DONE.

  19. Amarilus colorful orange, bright hubcapped car is DONE.

  20. Alex is DONE.