Activities and readings to do before the 5th class

  1. Email note: What to do and think/write about.

  2. Read this Using DuplicateMovieClip tutorial. It is for beginners, and is much simpler than your class #4 handout.

    What does the 4th version of the tutorial application look like? Try it out here and see. Note that if you do not click Spacebar or press Enter to activate the Flash control, you will need to click the DuplicateMovieClip button TWICE, before you see the random results.

  3. Study your class #4 handout and the notes you took about it in class on Wednesday, June 13th.

    Starfield Simulation. All the following are examples of what?

    1. The shots from a machine gun
    2. the fire flares from a space ship tail
    3. the water droplets from a fountain

  4. Try out this Flash Game, which could be called the chase down the numbers from smallest to largest game. It is called catchThirtyThree, apparently. We will make a simpler version of this game before the summer is over.

  5. Something more will be here - check back after Saturday morning!

  6. Textbook pages to read - Check back this weekend.