810:088 Topics in Computing - Flash animation

Summer 2007 (June/July session)

Final Exam: FINAL Study Guide is NOW finished, but be sure to look at and work with the Q1 STUDY GUIDE and practice questions for quiz one again too.

The States Drag-and_Drop Geography Guessing Game with congratulations message fixed. Also, you can see the code on this page.

Student Examples and Assignments.
Send me the URL to your completed assignments ASAP, for the ones you do NOT see here!

  1. Drag and Drop example: Northeastern USA guessing game for geography. This is what I came up with for my Drag and Drop assignment. Notice that it has a little bit of ActionScript.

  2. Student Examples and Assignments.

  3. Tony Howell Flower Photographs has lots of the same size .jpg (JPEG) files.

  4. FMA = Flexible Messaging Application: Flowers replaces menu items for the Tutorial 1 and Cafe Townsend example you are familiar with from the first couple weeks of class.

  5. Follow the path Guided and Guide layers duplicated, but staggered on the main timeline to achieve 3 bouncing balls following each other.

  6. Download the SSH Secure Shell Secure Telnet software so you can login to sunny.uni.edu and do file transfers (probably to upload your .html and your .swf Flash publications).

    PuTTY is NOT the one to choose. SSH Secure Shell is much more useful and user friendly. It puts PuTTY and FileZilla to shame. It (SSH Secure Shell) is the one we use in Studio IT 3 lab. Row 11, column 2 is where you will find the version for Windows.

    You do NOT have to have any other software besides SSH Secure Shell, as it allows both secure FTP and TELNET. PuTTY and FileZilla are (Supported), but they are very user UNfriendly. I have never had any problems with SSH Secure Shell.

  7. Next quiz, QUIZ TWO, will be on Wednesday, July 11th.

  8. Here are four instances of the myButton symbol. Each one has a different tint or color. And the over and down states of the Button symbol have an Alpha of 50%. Alpha, of course, is independent of what the COLOR (the tint) is. TINT and ALPHA are the key to having one myButton Symbol be able to have many different instances on the stage, all different colors.

    Further explanation of Buttons in Flash for the fading OVER and the moving DOWN states.

    The myButton symbol is a Shape that was F8 converted to a symbol with Button behavior. Be sure you have Object Drawing mode OFF when you create your button shape (probably an oval, a rectangle or a rounded rectangle).

    The UNI and ISU and Iowa and Google button labels are NOT part of the symbol. They are just separate Text objects that are placed over the myButton symbol instance.

  9. This is an example of your Assignment One that is due on Wednesday, July 11th.

  10. Flash Project One: Bouncing Ball with counts, and with two different speeds, courtesy of ActionScript and on (release) events of 4 buttons. Also keeping and displaying a count, with a Dynamic Text object.

  11. Download Flash 8 by Wednesday, June 27th.

  12. Quiz on Monday, June 25th. Layers, Motion Tweens, Buttons, ... Read chapter 6: Motion Tweening

  13. Here is the Quiz One Study Guide, which will be enough material to prepare your for the first couple of quizzes. It was handed out in class on Wednesday, June 20th.

    Two Flash applications that are utilized in the study guide for quiz one: Round one: Bouncing Ball and not so Round two: Square Celebrating Squareness in a majestic square dance. Square.html

  14. Email note about QUIZ ONE and the study guide, and about Sturgis Falls Days weekend too.

  15. When to download Flash 8 (or 9 okay too): between Monday, June 25th and Wednesday, June 27th to get your full 30 days worth of free Flash experience on your home or work computer! We will talk about this in class.

  16. Some ActionScript code from Monday, June 18th class.

  17. Flash Magazine (online).

  18. Preparing for class number 5 and reviewing/extending class #4 material on duplicateMovieClip(), etc.

    Email note: What to do and think/write about.

  19. The car symbol and the animated wheel symbol and the wheel symbol are the components of this animation, which is to be diagnosed and corrected to become this moving car.

  20. Day 3: Follow the path of the guide layer, object in the guided layer with your Motion Tween.

  21. Some Flash examples from last fall in 810:022 class and from last spring in 810:021 and 810:023 classes. Note: These classes only spent a few hands-on classes doing Flash in the spring semester. The Fall semester 022 class had a book on Flash, but we had no hands-on classes at all.

  22. June 6th class #2 1 p.m. note including information on the WRTLAB user id login process.

  23. The Flash Tutorial Cafe Townsend application.

    The Flash Tutorial Cafe Townsend application modified so it has No Tweens. Notice the abrupt and delayed transitions as you click the Next button. Why Abrupt? The Motion Tweens are gone from the slideShow Symbol's Timeline. Why very noticeably delayed? Because I slowed it down from 60 to 12 fps (Frames Per Second).

    Compare and view them in the same web page: Flash Tutorial Cafe Townsend application, both versions.

  24. Review of Class #1 and Preview of class #2. (5:40 p.m. Monday, June 4th).

  25. Link to the Tutorial: Building Your First Flash Application material. (See your handout - you also have this Tutorial and all its resources available with Flash 8).

    Assignment one: assign1.txt Due data: ????

  26. The June 1st email note about the classrooms and labs and WebCT, etc.

  27. Who can take the Flash animation class? Anyone. The class has no prerequisites. The schedule book mistakenly states that instructor permission is required. That has been corrected, so you are free to register without it.
    810 COMPUTER SCIENCE  June-July 8-Week Session (June 4 - July 27)
    810:088 Topics in Computing: Web Design with Flash - 3 hrs.
    Prerequisite:  NONE.  No prerequisites.
                   Written consent of instructor NO LONGER NEEDED.
                   The error has been corrected on the registration system,
                   so that you can register without instructor consent.
                   It was corrected on Friday, April 20th.
    01 2:00-5:00 MW Jacobson ITT 328
    The Flash class can be used to fulfill part of the Certificate in Computer Applications offered through the UNI computer science department. The certificate only requires 12 credit hours and 4 courses.

  28. Who is registered for the summer Flash class, as of May 28th? What majors are represented?

  29. More details about the class in Cinco de Mayo eve (May 4th) email note to those registered for the class.

  30. The textbook for the class is Foundation Flash 8 by Kristian Besly and Sham Bhangal. Here is a quote from the www.amazon.com reviews of the book:

     "Foundation Flash 8" by Sham Bhangal and Kristian Besley is, overall, an 
      excellent introduction for all new Flash users, be they right-brained 
      artists who think a line is something you draw in a picture or 
      left-brained techies who think a line is something you write in a 
      Right-brained readers will be enthralled by the first half of the book's 
      focuses on Flash's drawing and animating features, with exhaustive 
      treatment of symbols, colors, tweening, and masks. There's even an 
      excellent section on text and text animation. Left-brained readers will 
      drool over the second half of the book, which runs from simple behaviors 
      to intelligent actions to "intermediate" ActionScript. Somewhere in the 
      middle, there is lots of talk about buttons -- and artists will be 
      thrilled with all the things they learn to do to make them look pretty 
      and programmers will be equally thrilled with all the things they  learn 
      to do to make them do neat things when pushed.
      Of course, if artists didn't learn some ActionScript (or at least some 
      basic Flash behaviors), or if programmers didn't learn animation, then 
      there would be no point to learning Flash. Bhangal and Besley manage, in 
      "Foundation Flash 8," to teach the full range of foundation Flash 
      functionality to the full range of novice Flash users."
Wednesday, July 11th is the NEW due date for Assignment One (see above).