810:088 - Flash animation

January 2008

Regarding Assignment One. It is extended until Tuesday at noon.

Email about Assignment One extension if needed, and the uploading, buying or getting free Flash, whether to use SSH Secure Shell for sunny.uni.edu, etc.

Just send the Attachment of the .fla with UNI or whatever email you like. Send to jacobson@cns.uni.edu address please. We will SKIP the sunny.uni.edu and upload issues.

One more note on SSH Secure Shell and uploading to sunny.uni.edu with that or with help in the UNI computer labs or with CyberDuck or FUGU for the Macintosh. Read this note and take some notes about it and you will UNDERSTAND IT BETTER than if you just read it.

Need help uploading your .swf and .html files to the web server www.uni.edu and your account on sunny.uni.edu and don't want to wait to meet me for help: Spring 2008 CS graduate student TA help hours are available here. They CANNOT help you wish Flash itself, and Wright Hall labs do not even have Flash. But they can help you with your sunny.uni.edu account and uploading files to it.

Quiz Wednesday 01/30: Quiz One Study Guide/Outline is NOW ready.

Email note about Quiz One and Assignment One: First Quiz and First Assignment note.

NEW on Wednesday January 23rd: Here is information on FLASH CS3 free trial version, with links to www.adobe.com pages you will want to read and/or use to get it.
What textbook to buy and how to buy the software for a very good price? Flash Software and class textbook prices and information.

Remember you can download and use Flash CS3 for free for 30 days. There is no hurry to buy it, so get the free version now and install it now IF YOU KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO BUY IT LATER anyway.

  1. Class #1: Here is a partial summary of class #1 (Monday) to help you review today and get ready for Wednesday.

  2. Class #2: Octagons, bouncing balls, Tint, Alpha, Size changes in an animation. Timeline techniques. Align Panel and menu choices.

  3. Class #3: Will be in ITT Studio 3, which is room 138 of ITTC building. It is on the 2nd floor. It was in Studio 2 instead of Studio 3. It will be in Studio 2 again next Friday.

    Layers were introduced in the Friday lab class. Layer 1, Layer 2 and Layer 3. Size and Tint and Alpha changes were introduced into Motion Tweens, so now you know that Motion Tweens are not just for change of X and Y Location on the Stage.

  4. Week #2 preview of Buttons and simple ActionScript 2.0. I will hand this out on Wednesday. You will receive your first assignment on Wednesday in class.

  5. Here is what Assignment One might look like.

    I do not expect yours to look exactly like this at all. Be creative and have fun. Your STAGE can be a different size and color than mine, etc.
    See the Wednesday class #4 01/23/08 handout that goes with this example.

    Here is another version which has some Rotate CW and Rotate CCW variations, along with a Stop and a Go button. CW is clockwise and CCW is counter clockwise.

Here is the Day 6 Example demonstrated in class. Study in conjunction with your lecture/demonstration notes and the handouts from that January 28th class.

The W I N T E R days in I O W A can be brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cold today. Can a Symbol from the library have its own Motion Tween? Example that is both review of week 3 and preview of week 4.

Flash CS3 for $131, but it is not clear whether they will sell to a UNI student. The UNI bookstore has the same deal or better.
Flash class: Summer of 2007 810:088 Flash met twice a week for 8 weeks.