Final Exam Preparation - due by 9 a.m., if possible

Do NOT be late for the final because you are finishing this!

Important clarifying note: g.txt or g.html - more suggestions and guidelines and available resources.

> I was wondering if you knew what you wanted on the "final" website.

     It doesn't have to be much.  Just some reflections on something 
from the material on Ghostbusters and problem solving, Elbow and tips on
creative and effective writing, your LOGO turtle graphics or HTML 
programming experiences and slimers (bugs, i.e. cockroach up on 12th 
floor of Hotel Sedgewick), animation handout and its phases of
project development, related quotes and themes from Pretty Woman and/or
Dances with Wolves.

    Here are some suggestions.  You can just write 3, 4 or 5 paragraphs 
of reflections and responses to any of the following questions.  I am
especially looking for your ability to relate the material on problem 
solving to your own interests in a creative way.

    As you know, your web site will either be:
   <--- raw text  or
  <--- html

    Send me the URL when you are done.     

1. Consider the Ghostbusters.s elevator ride to the 12th floor of the
    Hotel Sedgewick?  This is where Egon states that it has just occurred
   to him that they have never had a successful test of the equipment they have
   strapped on their back.  What does this scene and dialogue have to do
   with your more successful future use of computer software?  The software will
   often be either brand new to you or will be a program that you are
   terribly rusty at using (it has been a semester or a year or two since
   you used Excel or PhotoShop or SPSS or Flash or LOGO turtlegraphics)?

2. I am studying the effects of negative reinforcement on ESP
   ability?.  Discuss how the lessons of the Ghostbusters movie related
   through this quote help you to become a more effective user of computers
   in the future.  You may relate the quote to Pretty Woman and/or Dances
   with Wolves if you wish.

3. The persistent mouse who kept trying until it found a way out of the
   caged trap, until it found an opening into the solution to its 
   problem.  See the Polya handout.


     I will put some more ideas up here later today too.