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Let the 2008 summer GAMES begin!  

Creating Games with Flash
This class has no prerequisites. It meets from 9:50 until noon. We will meet in ITT 322 and in ITT 138 (Studio IT III) computer lab. See the schedule of lab classes.

Topics in Computing: Creating Games With Flash ActionScript 3.0
What are the majors of the 11 students currently registered for the Creating Games with Flash class? (Several are double majors)

Currently, the class is made up of the following 12 majors:
     Computer Science
     Speech Pathology     
     Biology: Biomedical     
     Elementary Education
     Art: Studio Emphasis
     Graphic Communications     
     Marketing: Sales and Advertising
     Communications: Electronic Media      
     CIS (Computer Information Systems)
     MIS (Management Information Systems)               

Are you more interested in the artistic side of Flash, more motivated to develop your Graphic Design skills than in understanding how ActionScript programs work? That is another side of Flash game development. The following book would be recommended (and on reserve at the library) if you wish to focus on game graphics and specialize in that aspect of Flash games for your projects and assignments.

Macromedia 8 Professional Game Graphics by Robert Firebaugh. The cost of this book is $30.36 at www.amazon.com. List price of the Robert Firebaugh book at amazon.com is $39.95.


This class does NOT require any previous graphics or programming experience.

One textbook required:
Please click BOTH the book's image link and the Read More link. Separate target web pages.