Class #11 - Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

  1. VIP: Chapter 5 Example program modified so the tank is controlled using the ARROW keys and the MISSILES are fired using the spacebar key. The alien space ships are flying overhead, instead of flying at the tank. They are trying to fly past the antiaircraft without getting hit.

    • Read and reread Chapter 5. You have the Chapter 5 code as a handout too. Try answering as many of the questions from today's handout as you can. If you have questions, please write down and think about those too.

    • TODAY's handout: In case you missed class, here is today's Chapter 5 and Flash project 2 handout.

  2. Class #11 lab: Tuesday, moving circles with BLOCKER and with Missile launching hands-on class example. We will try to finish this chapter 5 example enough on Wednesday in class that you can do your assignment. It will be due on FRIDAY. Please study chapter 5 carefully!

  3. Study this: Today's HANDOUT was the basis for the lab portion of the class. Today's handout is to facilitate two things:

    1. Understanding the chapter five Flash game and chapter five concepts.

    2. Being able to modify the relevant code in the chapter five example program so it is something like the new game using arrow key, space bar and shooting down space ships that are flying horizontally across the sky.

  4. Using the Arrow Keys to do game input, such as controlling a blocker or moving a tank around. You will use the ARROW KEYS for the game player in your chapter 5 alien space ship modified program assignment.