Class #14 - Friday, May 30th, 2008

  1. S H A P E Tweening

  2. Chapter 6 Arrays and Movie Clip Methods

    • Create and use arrays
    • Use movie clip methods
    • Add child
    • Remove child
    • Stop drag
    • Use the for loop

  3. Understanding the picture puzzle game. Chapter 6 example program.

  4. How do you Drag and Drop on the Flash stage? The methods are listed and explained on page 120 of the BGP book.

  5. Here are two examples of a picture puzzle game that involves Dragging and Dropping movie clips:

    • BGP Beginning Game Programming with Flash textbook Chapter 6 Koala Bear PUZZLE GAME example.

    • The March 6th, 2008 A L I C E bookcover puzzle game created during spring of 2008 semester for Flash Animation class.

    • Note about the Puzzle Game: A L I C E is an animation programming language, thus the book cover that was cut up and turned into 8 separate movie clips using Flash. Play the game, then study some of the ActionScript 3.0 code and comments, then play the game a few more times.

  6. You will be given an assignment to create a picture puzzle game as your 3rd Flash project.