Class #17 - Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

  1. Mask and Masked layers examples.

  2. Search for "clouds images" on or to find a suitable graphic to import to the library.

  3. How was the Modify menu, Break Apart command used today in lab, and why was it used? Why was the same command and techniques we used on the clouds JPEG imported graphic file used in making the K O A L A bear puzzle and 4 separate puzzle pieces as explained in chapter 6 of our book.

    What happens when you apply Modify menu, Break Apart command to a piece of Text you created with the Text Tool? Try it again, for review, with the word PANTHERS as the text. Why do you sometimes want to do the Control-B shortcut once more on the text?

  4. Here is a Creating and Animating Masks video workshop tutorial to study and get ideas from. The hypertext "Watch this tutorial" is toward the top of the page, but look carefully. It is nearly impossible to see it is the LINK to get there. Its not underlined, it is not BOLD and its almost identical in color to the non-hypertext regular text on the page. ??????????

  5. D I N O S A U R treats, Valentine's Day M A S K tour de force of animated mask keyframes.

  6. Please S T U D Y these MASK and MASKED examples. You will see that some fantastic animated effects can be created by animating the MASK layer and leaving the MASKED layer static and unchanging.

Note about F I N A L project and quizzes and take home exam.