Class #6 - Monday, May 19th, 2008

Buttons and Chapter 3 assignment

  1. The VIP email note from this afternoon.

  2. VIP: Assignment from chapter 3 of BGP book will be due on Wednesday - class #8.

  3. Your assignment is very similar to and is based upon the Treasure Hunt game in Chapter 3 of the BGP book.

  4. The Button type is one of the three types of Symbol you can create with Flash. (Movie Clip, Button, Graphic).
    A button can be anything that you can F8 Convert to Symbol.
    A button in Flash has four states:  Up, Over, Down, and Hit
                                        --  ----  ----      ---
    It is traditional for the Over state to become a faded version or a 
         larger version or an animated version of the button's Up state.
    It is typical for the Down state of a button to have the button shift
         position slightly, indicating it was just clicked.  Usually the
         shift is downward and rightward.
    Of course, your button has an .addEventListener() method.
    Each instance of your button symbol will have an instance name.  It is 
         best practice to give the button instance name a suffix, as in
         myButtonName_btn, where _btn is the suffix indicating its a button.
  5. We will continue on the example program from today during tommorrow's hands-on lab class. We created a Circle animation with a Motion Tween and a Square animation with a Motion Tween.
    The Square animation goes from Frame #3 to Frame #30.  The squareSymbol
    is a Movie Clip symbol.
    The Circle animation goes from Frame #31 to Frame #60.  The circleSymbol
    is type Movie Clip Symbol.
    The instance of the squareSymbol does NOT have an instance name.
    The instance of the circleSymbol does NOT have an instance name.
  6. Circle and Square animations with introduction screen. Chapter 3 of BGP book example.