Class #7 - Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Circle and Square animation - Motion Tweens

  1. The first Flash Project (Chapter 3 Project - 4 questions) will be due tommorrow (Wednesday), but by the end of the day (by 10 PM or so). Do NOT skip class to work on your Flash assignment!

  2. The 8 Review Questions will be due on Thursday. Turn in the review questions during class on Thursday. They are NOT due on Wednesday. assigns.html page is quite informative.

  3. On Wednesday, we will use both Dreamweaver and SSH Secure Shell to upload a Flash .swf file and .html file to You can download SSH Secure Shell from the UNI web site. Dreamweaver has a 30 day trial version for free, just like Flash. You can download that from the same place you got Flash.

  4. We finished the Circle and Square animation today. It also taught you how to make custom Button type Symbols using Flash.
    The Square animation goes from Frame #3 to Frame #30.  The squareSymbol
                   is a Movie Clip symbol.  It does NOT have an instance name.
    The Circle animation now consists of 3 KeyFrames.
        The first  Motion Tween goes from Frame #31 to Frame #60.  
        The second Motion Tween goes from Frame #60 to Frame #90.
        The circleSymbol is type Movie Clip Symbol.
        The instance of the squareSymbol does NOT have an instance name.
        The instance of the circleSymbol does NOT have an instance name.
  5. Dreamweaver will be covered in class #8 on Wednesday: Information on Dreamweaver, which we will use in lab to upload your Flash movie to the web server. Upload With Dreamweaver additional brief example and explanation.

  6. Where can I download the SSH Secure Shell software for my home computer (Let me know if you have a Mac instead of a PC - I can show you how to use CyberDuck instead of SSH Secure Shell).

    WE WILL USE SSH Secure Shell and use Dreamweaver to UPLOAD to on Wednesday. You should be comfortable with the process after Wednesday's class!