Class #8 - Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

  1. Today's email note sent at 3:18 p.m. in the afternoon.

  2. Assignment one: BGP Chapter 3 Project Student Quiz pages, some of which are hilarious and/or interesting. Check them out and be sure to try answering WRONG to see the extra frames some students have for different WRONG answers.

  3. The first Flash Project (Chapter 3 Project - 4 questions) will be due today, but by the end of the day (by 10 PM or midnight or so).

    1. Here is your Flash assignment, but if you get stuck on it, send me email.

    2. I will be able to help you tommorrow (Thursday) if needed too, in case you get stuck on a major confusing problem with it.

      But oftentimes, I can tell you with an educated guess what might be wrong by email if you describe enough symptoms of your broken Flash application.

    3. You can also attach the .fla file to the email, if you want me to see that.

  4. The 8 Review Questions will be due on Thursday. Turn in the review questions during class on Thursday. They are NOT due on Wednesday. assigns.html page is quite informative.

  5. Where can I DOWNLOAD the SSH Secure Shell software for my home computer (Let me know if you have a Mac instead of a PC - I can show you how to use CyberDuck instead of SSH Secure Shell).

    WE WILL USE SSH Secure Shell and use Dreamweaver to UPLOAD to on THURSDAY AGAIN. You should be comfortable with the process after Thursday's class!    and    yourUNIuserID    and your 
       Window menu, 
                    New File Transfer in Current Directory command
                  AFTER you are logged in to your account.
       Now you can 
          upload the .swf and the .html files to your account from your PC.
       You will see the screen has two panels.
       On the left, that panel is named "Local Name".
       ----------                        ----------
       On the right side, the other panel is named "Remote Name".
   is the remote server, the REMOTE computer.
       Your laptop or your desktop PC or the Studio ITT III tablet PC you
            are using in the hands-on class is the LOCAL computer.
       Local Name                      Remote Name
       -------------                   --------------------------
       Your local PC                   Your account
       -------------                   --------------------------
       Left panel of                   Right panel of the
         the SSH Secure                  SSH Secure File Transfer
           Shell File                       window
  6. On Thursday, we will AGAIN use both Dreamweaver and SSH Secure Shell to upload a Flash .swf file and .html file to You can download SSH Secure Shell from the UNI web site. Dreamweaver has a 30 day trial version for free, just like Flash. You can download that from the same place you got Flash.

  7. Dreamweaver will be covered again in class #9 on Thursday: Information on Dreamweaver, which we will use in lab to upload your Flash movie to the web server. Upload With Dreamweaver additional brief example and explanation.

  8. CYBERDUCK and MACINTOSH: Here is a link to how to upload to using Apple Macintosh free Cyberduck software. KAB 250 computer lab is where I made this PDF and did the screen snapshots.

  9. Arrow Keys: Arrow Keys moving a Rectangle UP, DOWN, RIGHTward or LEFTward on the stage. You have this as a handout and we did this in the LAB today.

  10. arRAYcing rectangles: Race of the Four Rectangles without using Arrays and with using Arrays. Try out the application. You have this as a handout from today!

  11. What does the statement ---> rect1.x += 20; <--- do?
         rect1.x = rect1.x + 20; 
             The above statement would add the .x property of rect1 and 20.
             Let us say that the rect1 movie clip symbol is an instance
             of rectangleSymbol.
             Let us specify further that rect1.x is == 0, i.e. 
             rect1 is aligned to the very left edge of the stage, and also,
             rect1 has a registration point of the upper left corner, or
                   any one of the 3 left-most registration points.
                      > . . .
                        . . .          We have only worked with
                        . . .             upper-left (ul) and with
                        ^                     center (c) registration points.
                                         . . .      ul  .  .
                                         . . .       .  c  .
                                         . . .       .  .  .
             What happens when
                                  Value of         Value of
                                  rect1.x BEFORE   rect1.x AFTER
                                  --------------   -------------
         rect1.x = rect1.x + 20;        0               20
         rect1.x = rect1.x + 20;       20               40
         rect1.x = rect1.x + 20;       40               60
         rect1.x += 20;                60               80
         rect1.x += 20;                80              100
         rect1.x += 20;               100              120
         As you can see from following the 6 different ActionScript 
    statements, it appears that
          rect1.x = rect1.x + 20;   is the same as rect1.x += 20;
          ----------------------                   -------------