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Sample games and examples
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Example games
  1. Gary Rosenzweig's Flash Game University sample games.

  2. The A L I C E book cover speed puzzle game is based on chapter 6 ideas from Gary Rozenzweig's ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University book.

  3. Two games from irRegularGames.com: Sproing and Cirplosion.

  4. Building up to something similar to Cirplosion - start with whatever the simplest element of the game might be. Get that working. Get the experience and understanding from successfully accomplishing that simple and doable element. Go from there.

  5. The following Sproing game lesson will be done in one hands-on class. As you can see, it involves an element that also are relevant in the Cirplosion game (having a circle follow the mouse around and be the mouse pointer).
    1. One is having a striker ball attached to a spring, but it cannot move yet.
    2. Striker ball swings around on the spring, but has nothing to strike.
    3. Knock the Square around with striker.
    4. Eliminate all the small squares with the Sproing-like striker ball.

  6. The catchThirtyThree game is a ton of fun. We will see how you can build up to this game with simpler versions, and offer more options to the game player too. If the link doesn't work, here is another one to Catch Thirty Three moving numbers.
    1. Get the moving objects as fast as you can. They are not numbered.
    2. Get the numbers simpler version from Sunday, March 16th, 2008 (UNI Spring Break).

  7. Here is a Goalkeeping Game in the spirit of soccer or field hockey or ice hockey. Block the falling circles.

  8. Similar to goalkeeping game is this Dodge Ball type game.

  9. Another version of the Goalkeeping Game created on March 31st. Be sure to check the unchecked Leave footprints checkbox so it becomes a checked checkbox. We will learn about Onion Skins during the first week of class this summer.