Ghostbusters and LOGO Turtle Graphics

  1. LOGO 1. This is where you can get the LOGO we used in class. Is is called MSWLogo.

  2. LOGO 2. I have yet to try this version of LOGO. Maybe in 2008 or so!

  3. 09:00 Friday the 13th 021 class: One Output Example. It is a spiral of shrinking squares.

  4. 10:00 Friday the 13th 023 class: OCTAGONS with something of a spiral that happened at each of the 8 corners.
    It might remind you of a porcupine! Or maybe SIXTEEN PORCUPINES! LOGO 16 Turtles dancing, so to speak.

  5. LOGO 16 Turtles doing a different dance. Why do you only see 15 turtles?

More LOGO resources and examples. My other main LOGO page is for the URL