CS 2880 11 Topics in Computing: Maya 3D Graphics

Last Five Weeks
... Week 11 to Week 15 Calendar ...
March 27th thru Apr 28th

FX particles - Emit From Object Particles FX - 04/20/Thursday

Projects: Spring 2017 projects ...

  1. WEBM online convertor...

  2. Squash and Stretch and Anticipation files. Maya ASCII format.

  3. LYNDA.UNI.EDU and login with your UNI Cat ID and passwordphrase.

  4. The 12 principles of animation for CG Animators by David Andrade.

  1. VIP (Week 1 to week 5): First Five Weeks Tue Jan 10th to Thu Feb 9th - class calendar and resources.

  2. VIP (Week 11 to week 15): Last Five Weeks Tue Mar 28th to Thu Apr 27th - class calendar and resources.

  3. ASSIGNMENT: The Talented Ball assignment Part 2 is due anytime on or before Thursday, March 23rd.
         Send attachment of the .mb Maya Binary scene file 
               TO: jacobson@cs.uni.edu
          SUBJECT: Talented Ball part #1

  4. Maya Tutorial: Model and texture a Tennis Ball in 3D. We did the first 7 minutes of this YouTube video lesson during week #7. Watch and do the first 7:20 of the video.

  5. Assignment: Due by the end of WEEK #6: The TALENTED BALL project without the animation added yet.
         Stage, Wall with Door, Stool, Ball, Microphone, Curtains.
         Due by February 18th or before:
         Send attachment of the .mb Maya Binary scene file 
               TO: jacobson@cs.uni.edu
          SUBJECT: Talented Ball part #1
  6. Take a look at and study all of the 3D Buzz - the-talented-ball lessons...

  7. Next week: FX with LIGHTING - the Optical Effects from a Hatching Egg - to be covered during week #6 on Valentine's Day.

  8. 12 questions: 3D Graphics in Maya Syllabus with links.
    The 12 question are due on Tuesday during class #3 --- (January 17th).

  9. Tutorials: Getting Started With Maya includes Lesson Files.

    Autodesk Maya 2015 Getting Started documents.

  10. Maya 2017 textbook FREE CHAPTER: Chapter 1: Learning the Maya Interface from Autodesk Maya 2017 Basics Guide by Kelly L. Murdock.

Maya Modeling Assignment Two:  Due anytime on Tuesday, January 31st
  Modeling a Chick with Polygons and NURBS Cubes, Cylinders, Spheres and Cones.
For Friday: Making an "ALIEN" or Robot to illustrate some of the ways of improving on the techniques explained in making the chick tutorial. We will make something like this example. Send the .mb scene file as an attachment. (Note: .mb is Maya Binary format) To: jacobson@cs.uni.edu Subject: Chick model Note: We will render out this model later. We will also make it part of an animation, where it comes out from behind some curtains and does a full 360 degree rotation on its y axis, so the viewer of your movie can see if from all sides.

Principles of Animation - login to lynda.uni.edu to get to this video training. LYNDA tutorial.