MAYA - Spring 2016 Final Projects

  1. Zachary is done. The talented ball dancing to the Interlude song with special light effects and light show.

  2. Amber is done. Talented ball in ping pong match.

  3. Matt is done. Talented Ball gets shot out of a cannon.

  4. Alyssa is done. Cone choreography and dancing.

  5. Ryan is done. Gravity, falling colliding particles, spot lights and light animations.

  6. Blake is done. Playing golf.

    Blake version 2, with Closeup of the golfer and the in flight golf ball: camera closeups and with ScaleX, ScaleY, and ScaleZ of golf ball interpolated.

  7. Tessa is done. Cat hops out and chases ball from table back into the room behind the stage.

  8. Kyle is done. Baseball game with pitcher, catcher and batter. Batter hits a home run and runs the bases.

  9. Megan is done. Modeling, rigging, skinning and animating a galloping horse.

  10. Josh is done. Ghostbusters appear on stage with song.

  11. Morgan is done. Animated twirling heart character travels behind a giant sphere face, and back.

  12. Julia is done. Breathing grass planets universe of spring. YouTube published version ... to focus on any portion.

    Breathing Grass closeup one ... Breathing Grass closeup two ...

  13. Jason is done. Track and field event: high hurdles race.

  14. Jonathan is done. ...NOT YET RENDERED... will be done on Wednesday eve or Thursday morning. Space battle aka Star Wars theme.

  15. Ryan is done. In one portal and out the other. A mystery.

  16. Dakota is done. UNI Women's Rugby offense scores a goal.

  17. ... is done.