FX menu set, nParticle menu, LEGACY particles
April 20, 2016 slimer solved

Particle Render Type: Points

Particle Render Type: Spheres
The Spread of the particles is keyframed...

  1. The particles have a lifetime of 16 seconds (instead of the default FOREVER lifetime)
  2. A Color Ramp has been applied to the particles
  3. Particles by default are rendered at POINTS.
    After the first snapshot here, the rendering of the particle shapes was changed to SPHERES.
    They could also be rendered as STREAKS, etc.
  4. The SPREAD was keyframed to change from 0.6 or so down to 0.0 (no spread at all) and then up to about 0.2 or 0.3 toward the very end.
  5. The particles, whether POINTS or SPHERES, are RED when they are very young, then they transition to BLUE. If RED is baby and young child, and BLUE is young adult, then PURPLE is teenager. GREEN is 30 to 65, and BLACK is 66 years and older. The phases of the lifetime of a particle.