Maya 30 Day Free Trial Download information

Autodesk Maya 30 day free trial download. Note: if you own or have access to several computers through your friends or roommates, when the 30 day trial is over, you can have another 30 trial on a different PC or Mac.

Note: The UNI CCC (Computer Consulting Center) will be getting 50 copies of the Maya Unlimited SuperPack if the approval goes through. I will let you know as soon as I find out. The cost would be $170, which is about $25 or $30 cheaper than you can get anywhere on the web that I have been able to find as of 01/13/2008. The UNI CCC will have 50 Maya SuperPacks to sell and you will able to charge them to your UNI UBill. These will be the 14 month license version.

The best deal I was able to find on the internet is from Studica at for Maya 2009 Unlimited SuperPack where they are charging $195 for the 14 month license and $389 for the perpectual license for students and educators prices. Keep in mind, if you are going to purchase the 14 month license and not the perpertual license, it will be cheaper and more convenient through the UNI CCC (Computer Consulting Center) IF they get the approval today or tommorrow to buy 50 copies to sell over the next couple of semesters.

We will have Maya around campus in different labs starting very soon, probably right after the MLK holiday weekend. You do NOT have to purchase Maya if you need to just do your homework and projects here on campus.

  1. I found out early this afternoon (Tuesday) that we will be able to have Maya 2009 available in most of the SCC labs soon.

  2. It will be available in the Library and the Union and in three different computer labs (Towers, Redeker and ) that are open 24 hours per day.

  3. If your budget does not easily accomodate the purchase of Maya, no problem. You should definitely wait until later in the course to take advantage of the 30 day trial.

  4. I will PLAN the course assignments and hometwork to have the largest Maya assignment and project portion of the class later on and within a 30 day window.

    What does this mean? It means you might want to save your 30 day trial use to that part of the class. That would likely be after spring break!
    The assignments before then can easily be done with only fairly short visits to and sessions in the UNI computer labs that have Maya Complete 2009.

  5. There are 17 different ITC SCC Labs on campus. The following are all open for 24 hours: Bartlett, Campbell, Lawther, Redeker Center and Towers Center.

  6. Of course the Library and Maucker Union and Lang labs will have access to the Maya software too!
    You can easily get by in this course without spending the $170 or $195 for Autodesk Maya 2009 SuperPack 14 month long license.

  7. We will also have more hands-on classes than I have ever had before. I have NEVER had more than 1 class per week or 15 classes in one semester be hands-on in a computer lab. This semester we will be in the Lang 213 lab for 21 sessions, but I may add a few more Friday sessions to that.

    We have 44 classes total, so if I add just two more that means that 23 of 44 or more than HALF of our classes will be hands-on computer lab classes where you are doing Maya in a lab instead of watching Maya demonstrations in a classroom. The most I have ever had before was 15 classes out of 44 classes.

  8. Summary: If the cost of the perpetual license or the cost of the 14 month license is too much of a budget strain, don't worry about it and do your homework on campus for 11 weeks of the 15 week long semester.

  9. For 4 of the 15 weeks (30 days) enjoy Maya Complete 2009 FREE trial if you have a desktop or laptop at home to use. :-)

  10. I am sooooooooooooo sorry that the Autodesk Maya PLE was suddenly discontinued, but it is not going to be as bad a situation as I thought now.