Animation Curves and Refining Animations
October 7th, 2009

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Due on Monday, October 12th, 2009 at 9 a.m.

  1. Watch the Working with Animation Curves video. It is length 50:34 and is one of the longer videos in the 3DBuzz Maya tutorial videos collection. Take notes. Draw diagrams.Pause the video and move it back to rewatch material that is confusing or to flesh out the details of your notes.
  2. Watch the Refining Animation video. It is length 09:40, which is a more typical length for the free Maya video tutorials provided by Again, take notes, draw pictures, see how the animations curve concepts are used to make animation more interesting or more dramatic or to make it more closely model the behavior of real world objects.
  3. Due on Monday 10/12/2009 at the start of class: Turn in your one sheet, two pages, hand-written, front and back rewritten notes that cover the concepts and skills that the two videos covered. Notice the word REWRITTEN. Do NOT turn in your original notes. Rewrite the summary two pages (on one sheet of paper is okay, front and back) AFTER you have taken your notes on the two videos.
  4. On Friday in the lab, we will cover the SDK (Set Driven Key) animation concepts. If you wish to watch that video, it is 29:13 in length. Set Driven Key will be finally finished on Friday and Monday in class!